Monday, March 31, 2008

PODCAST RECAP - Episode 6.00

This was a long one. Our longest one. We had the feeling it would be, so an in-depth dissection of weird Wikipedia pages was cut before we even started.

It helped that we both loved our The Bests (they had to beat out some good ones which almost made the cut), and the field of cover songs is a vast & fertile one.

Sneaking in a little bit of Lost, and there's your Episode 6.00.

Lots of music & YouTube links after the jump.
Couple of random links:

--Scarlett Johansson is really covering Tom Waits
--Tom Waits wasn't aware of it originally.
--Battle of the Network Stars Info

Songs From & Inspired by our Musical Interlude this week (Cover Songs):
I couldn't find a version of Matthew Sweet's "Don't Cry No Tears" off of his Son of Altered Beast EP, so I included a live version of his Evangeline.

Ditto for the Afroskull's version of "...Elizabeth Reed".

SeeqPod - Playable Search


Battle of the Network Stars - So much good stuff in this one:

-Captain Savalas smokes and lodges a complaint.
-The music
-The discussion of the phrase "hullabaloo" while a lesbian, possibly a transsexual wears a trench coat in the background.
-Conrad & Schneider's ethnic slurs.
-The genuine excitement on the part of Penny Marshall & Ron Howard when the ruling came down.
-Linda Carter mauling Gabe Kaplan.
-Bob Conrad losing his shit and threatens to leave the competition.
-"Farrah baby, I'm not in charge of the rules committee" - If you think I won't use that line in every single Ultimate game from here on out, you're crazy.
-An apparently unscripted impromptu sprint-off between Kaplan & Conrad. That would never happen nowadays.
-Kaplan SMOKING Conrad like Savalas smokes a Camel.
-Epstein waiting to congratulate Mr. Kotter.

BotNS - This is worth it to watch Ted McGinley kill himself playing "doubles" while his corpse of a partner stands sullenly. And then he patronizingly pats her on the shoulder. She's not happy. As a bonus, Dick Van Dyke's narration and smooth jazz compete to see which can be the most soothing:

BotNS - Billy "Hot Shoes" Crystal ganks the obstacle course in 77, but comes back strong against Letterman in 78. He was a fast little bugger:

The Apples version of "Killing in the Name Of":

The introduction of The Jesus:

A reasonable facsimile of what I saw at Dangerous Curves (except less organized and more violent):

Hope you enjoyed this one, and stay tuned for Episode 7.0x.