Friday, March 30, 2012

Foggy Chicago

It's difficult to explain the fog in Chicago if you haven't experienced it firsthand. Rolling down some streets while others remain sunny, it's a crazy phenomena.

This video goes a long way to showing it off...

Monday, March 26, 2012

Juggling done right...

Sure, you might think to yourself, I've seen juggling acts before, and they're nothing special. Or maybe you've never seen a juggling act because you've thought to yourself, yeah, I don't think I can sit through a juggling act and be entertained.

Well, give this one at least one minute, and I'll be surprised if you don't stick around for the whole thing.

Use Me Polish

Guaranteed to be the best Polish funk version of Bill Withers' Use Me Up you hear today!

(At least I think it's a cover)

Also, this gives me a great opportunity to post one of my top 10 Youtube videos: Bill Withers doing the original, in what may be the greatest instance of cool ever assembled in one room...

I mean, obviously, the king of cool starts with the drummer right off the bat...but then we soft fade over to the keyboardist, who almost looks bored to be a completely cool way...then we obviously get Mr. Withers, sweating out the intensity of an unbelievable song - there's no turning back from this performance right now...but wait what's that? Another soft fade over to lead guitar? What a hat, topping off this closed eye performance! And then as we pan around the room again, we get just a tease of the bassist, since you know, he's LOUNGING ABOUT, DROPPING ONE OF THE MOST RECOGNIZABLE BASS LINES IN MUSIC HISTORY (in my eyes) before we come back to the drummer, giving us a big shit eating grin.

Now, normally, a person with such a grin would be immediately disqualified as being the coolest person in the room, since the grin is pretty much admitting that he's just happy to be there, a most decidedly uncool emotion. But somehow, he pulls it off!

And I haven't even mentioned Mr. Withers pulling off a salmon covered turtleneck sweater. Name me one other person that can pull that off. ONE OTHER PERSON!

I'm not sure if you ever played the "what if" game with a time machine and a musical performance (what one concert/musical event would you attend in history if you had a time machine) but this is my destination. the extreme!

There's a reason the wonderful world of horse dressage hasn't been parodied in a movie yet. Nothing could top this...

And yes, the guy's name is Bent Jensen.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oh, those crazy Russian kids...

After the skyscraper bungee jumping and this latest stunt, I'm getting worried that Russia is going to surpass us in the "stupid things kids do when they're bored" ranking.

Tilt-Shift Kiev

If I posted this before, I apologize; but not too much, since it's simply beautiful...

Friday, March 9, 2012

I realize that by sharing this video with all of you, I am playing right into the hands of and its advertisers. But you know what? When the quality is this good, I'm ok with that.

Besides, I'm good at tennis!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cool Shit

It's rare to find someone that (mostly) agrees with me on the quality of the 1976 King Kong remake, but I've done it. I really can't explain why I think this one is superior to the original (let's not even start with the Peter Jackson one); maybe it was the timing (I was an easily influenced 10 year old when I probably first saw it) maybe it was Jeff Bridges' rugged awesomeness, maybe it was the implied beastiality (look, I have no idea what drives my psyche). Regardless, here's a great essay about all that and more.

Portishead is talking new album! That would be cool! In the meantime, enjoy this...

This is kind of weird...wondering what Topher Grace has been up to recently? Me neither, but I stumbled across this article about how he's taken the 3 Star Wars prequels, and edited them into one film, and apparently it's getting good reviews...? Not like he had a high watermark to clear - hey yo! Doesn't seem to be online, but if any of you have the jump on it, I'd love to see it.

I'm a sucker for "against all odds" movies. Which is probably why I'm excited for this movie...

And finally, Dave Hill returns to Fashion Week, and gives his own unique take.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Podcast 14.0oooohGirlThereAreALotOfPeopleOnThisPodcast (Pt. 1)

Goose & I got together with some of our Nectar of the Gods buddies, had some beers, and turned on the mikes.

Then we said a bunch of shit.

And then we left Goose to edit it down to something coherent and consumable. Did he do that?

Listen and judge for yourself.

If you aren’t already subscribed, search iTunes for “Popcorn Trick” or click here. Let us know if you have any problems downloading the episode. There were some issues when we (I) first uploaded it, but it should be fixed now.

Here’s some audio-visual aids to supplement some the things we talked about.

You’ll laugh. You’ll learn.


James Woods: American Hero


James Woods: Enemy To The Stallone Family


Claudia Schiffer from her heyday. AKA 1992.


This guy knows time machines. And Nazis. And NASA conspiracies. And how to sneak ham into Walmart.


Never trust Katherine Heigl to take out Baby Hitler. That’s why I say you should cut off one of his adult hands.