Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cool Shit 10/31

Now this looks like a good, honest to god scary movie!

So when Yellowstone eventually explodes, it's going to be even bigger than we thought. Gotcha.

At first, I figured I could beat this guy's record for driving cross country by a significant amount. But after reading all of the planning, preparations and modifications he went through, I probably would only beat him by like an hour or so.

This link is for the serious drinker. I'm talking really serious.

The spy agency you most likely have never heard of. But they've probably heard of you.

If you believe that the locations of horror movies hold some sort of scary power, this map of horror movie locations will be invaluable to you.

Good lord even Russian board games look too scary to play.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How to Fix Revolution

Revolution is the NBC television show with the premise of the lights going out and how people are coping with that in the future. I have to start this with that description as I'm pretty sure that I'm one of four people still watching this show. And I'm not even sure why I'm watching. I gave up on it about halfway through its first season, and have no intention of going back to see what I missed. In fact, it was accidental that I even knew when it was on this season (Wednesdays, 8:00) and that I was even tuned into NBC at the time. But now, here I am, and I guess because I've seen all the NCIS episodes USA runs over a billion times, I'll sorta maybe stick with it. And I will say I've seen a slight (very slight) improvement from season 1. But that doesn't mean there's not room for even more. A lot more. And so I figured I would do what I could to suggest some fixes to this show. Though I'm not sure the show will last much longer if the ratings are any indication.

Regardless, let's see what we can do...

1. Create a villain who is truly a villain

Problem: Last year we had Monroe, who I guess was creepy, but as the series went on, got paranoid and emo, and honestly wasn't that much of a big bad anyway. He was the leader of a group, who had take advantage of the no power situation and rose to the top. He's not the guy who made the power disappear and therefore doesn't offer us much satisfaction when he gets overthrown. 

There's also Tom Neville who has flip-flopped so many times (and continues to do so), that no one knows what he's up to (specifically the writers it seems) which does nothing except waste Giancarlo Esposito. More on him later.

And so now this season, the "patriots" have been introduced, which could be the remnants of the US Government, or could be some sort of shadow government or...look does it really matter? The situation of no power has made the US a shambles, so really if there's a group looking to come in and offer stability, I'm not sure why people are mad about that. Regardless, there's no face to this organization yet. And the people they've trotted out (that woman with Tom Neville; the guy overseeing the town where everyone else is) are so vanilla bland that there's no conflict developed between our heroes and them. Every good show has a villain that the viewer loves to hate. Remember Lost? Remember Ben Linus? We loved him because he was such a clever asshole. On Revolution, it's too much of the situation and not enough of the characters that are evil. Which doesn't give the audience any footing to stand on and understand the conflict. 

Solution: Give us a face to the overall conflict and make them a worthy foe. Not someone that Miles will chop down with his sword because apparently he had some sort of ninja training.

2. Can the magic stuff (or at least tone it down)

Problem: Zak, or Google now has magic powers because of the nanobots that are in his system. Obviously, this technology will be how the revolutionaries (our heroes) eventually overthrow the bad government or do something good. Something that we won't see because I assume Revolution won't get picked up for another season. Whatever. The problem with the magic nanobots that apparently Google can sort of control is that that idea so came out of left field. The nanobots went from helping cure people of disease (which yeah, is a little magical but nothing too far out there) to making people burst into flames. It's so out there, and such a strange left turn that every time we to that story line it slams the brakes on the rest of the show. Seriously, you have an interesting enough premise: there's no power and there's a revolution coming. Magic doesn't need to be introduced. 

Solution: Let it kinda go away quietly, and bring back the Google that makes a couple quips every show. Comic relief is needed; he provided it last year and everyone said he was their favorite character. And now in season two that's been ruined.

3. Give Giancarlo Esposito something to do

Problem: When the reviews from the premiere came out for this show, most of them followed this format: "The show is uneven but Giancarlo Esposito is in it and he's awesome so we''re still going to watch. Then we got a stupid backstory about him (and really it didn't completely work. Nerd insurance agent who doesn't stand up for himself but boxes at night in his basement who then turns into a badass who kills people without thinking about it is kinda of cliche and boring). And then we got his son mixed into everything, and then we got him helping the people he was chasing and then we got...he was just completely all over the map and it watered him down so completely that now no one is saying how great Giancarlo Esposito is. And that's a crime.

Solution: Either kill him off, make him the ultimate enemy (though I'm not sure how you can do that now as once again he's looking for his son) or make him part of the heroes quest, but give him something specific to do and let him do it. The wish-wash of this show has got to stop. 

4. Give Miles et al. something to do

Problem: The show is so reactionary. The heroes get to some place and then something happens and they have to deal with it. I mean, we're 5 episodes into the season and I'm still not sure what's going on. Figure out a plan, and make the characters do it. Personally, I'd kill off Rachel (I'll give the writers credit with Charlie - they've improved on her, and hopefully they will continue to do so) and get them out of this small town they're in. Because the town really does look like a set. Regardless, there is never a plan of action on this show. 

Solution: If he survives tonight, give Monroe a character makeover (I thought that's where they were headed until he killed the Texas Ranger, just another head scratching moment in a show full of them) and assemble a team. It's pretty much here: Miles, Monroe, Charlie, Google, Google's woman, Rachel (I guess) Rachel's dad, and two or three more people and have them start establishing the underground resistance. Pull some history books out and steal from WWII and the French resistance of the Nazi occupation and the show will write itself. The allegories are all right there! Then at least the show will have some focus, and we can go from there!

Sadly, I think with even these fixes it's a little too late for Revolution to be a success. And that's a shame because I think somewhere in there, there's a decent show that people would watch.

Cool Shit 10/30

Tom Waits played the Bridge School benefit over the weekend. Here's a lot of footage from that show.

I understand that the small scale gold mining in the Amazon river basin is bad for the environment, but I have to admit the idea of having the title "Gold lord," is really intriguing for me. And it also reminds me of the show Tales of the Gold Monkey, which I watched religiously:

I'm not sure which is more absurd in this list of sexual positions from Cosmo - the diagrams or the descriptions. But I do think that if this is the kind of advice it is regularly doling out to its female readership, that the woman's magazine industry is just a ploy to keep women in their place. Did you notice that in all 16 positions the guy is pretty much sitting there doing nothing?

So this is probably the creepiest thing you will see in your entire life. Apparently beggars in Jakarta Indonesia use monkeys wearing old clothes and doll heads to help them beg. I don't know which is scarier though - the dressed up creepy monkeys, or the people that offer money to the dressed up creepy monkeys.

In case you were wondering about the pop culture popularity of witches, zombies and vampires within the last 20 years, here's a handy chart. I never thought witches would recover from Bewitched!

If this link sets you off into a world of illegal computer hacking, please don't come back and blame me. Or hack into my computer.

Turning our attention to the cosmos, please enjoy these never before published photos of deep space, and some of the stuff in deep space. Perfect for wallpapers!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cool Shit 10/29

New trailer for HBO's True Detectives, which only makes me want to see it more.

Searching for the world's hottest pepper. I can't imagine, once we're talking about peppers above 1,000,000 scoville unites (the measurement to determine the heat of a pepper) that people can really discern between peppers. But I'm not a pepper head so…

Old school bloopers from the original Star Wars! The sound doesn't really kick in until a minute or so so be patient.

New Luscious Jackson music! This is a wonderful surprise. And if you aren't familiar do yourself a favor and get your hands on In Search of Manny. Or listen right here:

So it looks like JJ Abrams is taking his schtick to the literary world.

A deeper look into what makes the Spanish Prisoner. No, not the awesome David Mamet movie with Steve Martin, but the con that the awesome David Mamet movie with Steve Martin was named after. You might know it more colloquially as a Nigerian scam email - but it's roots date back much farther than that. Also, if you're looking for an awesome David Mamet con movie - watch House of Games with Joe Mantegna.

Keanu Reeves newest movie looks…interesting:

Monday, October 28, 2013

Cool Shit 10/28

Mary Carver, of Simon and Simon passed away this weekend. She was 89. Sad as this news is, it does give me reason to post this…

It's crazy to me the path companies sometimes take toward turning as big a profit as they can. Take for example airlines. This article says they are making seats smaller, in order to get more of them into the plane. Which of course goes against the trend of people getting bigger. Something has to give. Unfortunately it seems it will be a seat once a stockier character sits in one.

Want to make an appearance at your next Halloween party? Take a look at this list of costumes you can buy off Etsy. And cry.

Real life and fiction are mixing like a Dark Tower novel! The hotel that was the inspiration for Stephen King's The Shining is planning to dig up a pet cemetery in order to expand. Which begs the question: Who put a pet cemetery so close to a hotel in the first place? Also, even Stephen King thinks this is a little preposterous.

Speaking of Stephen King, enjoy this look at the theory that he killed John Lennon, as well as 9 other literary conspiracies.

So you want to keep your computer activities hidden from the NSA. Good luck with that. But here are at least a few tips so that your "furry yiffing" folder on your hard rive is a little tougher for them to find.

I was really kind of hoping that news that the Following had been renewed for season 2 was no more than some sort of fever dream. Apparently it wasn't. Quite possibly the worst show on television.

And finally, the greatest Halloween costume ever. There is no debate.

Friday, October 25, 2013

The Sexiest Halloween Costumes of 2013: Law Enforcement Edition

If you've missed the first two parts in this ongoing series to look at the ridiculousness of how ladies can turn the wholesomeness of a pagan holiday into a porn convention, you can check them out here and here.

But today's a special edition that dives into the world of the sexy cop. Because if you thought that costumes was simply one with handcuffs, a baton and short shorts, well...well you'd be right, but that's just the first branch on the sexy cop tree. And we're going to climb this one to the top...

First of all, there are plenty of options you can choose from if you're thinking about going as a sexy cop this year...

But if you want to add something a little different, and take the drab and boring out of the sexy cop, you do have some options...

Sexy DEA Agent

I'm really hoping the DEA saw statistics that suggested sexy cop costumes led to an increase in applications to police academies, and therefore put a plan in motion to increase their applicants with costumes such as this one.

Sexy Sheriff

This costume is for the girl who wants to go to a party and make sure she not only isn't the one of five girls in a sexy cop costume, but at the end of the night will be bossing those five sexy cops around. You know, like a sorority sister and her pledges.

Sexy Secret Service

The tie does everything it can to scream sophisticated.


If sexy costumes has taught us anything, it's that baseball caps are pretty much used exclusively by law enforcement agencies to tell the difference between themselves.

Sexy Undead Zombie Cop

I like the chutzpah of this costume going not simply for sexy, but for sexy and gory. Just like I like my porn!

Sexy Sherlock Holmes

Because everyone realizes the sexy potential of a popular late 19ht century old man detective with a coke problem and a guy who hangs around with constantly!

Sexy Royal Guard

British people here on Halloween don't fret! You can not only objectify yourself but also your country by dressing up as a Royal Guard!

Sexy CSI 

I have to imagine this is more of a sexy CSI agent in training, as she has the tape all around her and not the crime scene!

Sexy Border Patrol Agent

And finally, labeled a sexy border patrol agent, I wouldn't have known otherwise. Maybe the boots are designed high for walking in tough terrain and not getting in the brambles? I'd say she was dressed for hot weather but then I would have to say that for all the outfits. Not sure why we can't abide by the baseball cap identifying labels like everyone else.

Cool Shit 10/25

I'm fascinated by the North Yungas Road, or perhaps more appropriately titled, the "Death Road." Here's a quick look and explanation to help explain that moniker.

Sometimes having too much surveillance can be a bad thing in our society. No I'm not talking about the NSA checking all of our email, I'm talking about creepy google street view images.

A relatively brief, but as always interesting interview with Bill Murray who now owns some sort of share of a vodka. Because of course he does.

If you're an Arcade Fire fan, you'll enjoy being able to stream their whole album right here, right now...

A story about Lean, the Instagram marketplace for Lean, and how dangerous it can all get when talking to drug dealers on the Internet.

Cliff diving is simply crazy. I've jumped/dived from 10 meters before and it's scary enough. I can't imagine being able to time an intricate dive from much higher without something going wrong. Which makes these pictures all the more fantastic. Also, any mention of cliff diving allows me to include one of my favorite internet videos of all time...

3 Seconds from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

It's sold out, but if you're a Star Wars fan maybe you should bookmark it and check back regularly in case they make more. Because it's a cool poster.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cool Shit 10/24

By now, I'm sure if you're a fast food aficionado (and if you are, you should stop), you know about the secret menu at In and Out Burger. But did you know there's a secret menu at McDonalds? As long as you define secret menu as "different items jammed together and given a clever name."

Probably as close as you're going to get riding in a desert mountain bike competition. And honestly, it's pretty close...

Take a look at how the United States searches for their porn, and be shamed and intrigued at the same time. Just like when you masturbate!

If you want to practice 17th century Icelandic magic (and really, who doesn't want to?), you're going to have to find a friend and make a deal with him so after he/she dies you can dig up the corpse and use their skin for some necropants.

Or, if you want to bag the whole 17th century Iceland magic thing but still have a hankering for human skin, you can check out this site. But be warned, it's plenty pricey! (And also quite possibly illegal.)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cool Shit 10/23

Seems like everyone is shoving their ass out there these days. First Ms. Kardashian showed off her post pregnant butt to the millions, and now Ms. Gaga is showing off her butt because she wrote a new song. With R. Kelly. If I see 4 guys on horses later this morning I won't be too surprised.

Who knew Miami Vice was such a jumping off point for so many thespians?

So Girl Talk's sample madness actually increases sales of albums of the music he samples.

Sarah Silverman made a television pilot. It failed to get picked up. But she put it up on youtube anyway!

If you're a fan of Dave Sedaris, his look at his sister's suicide will hit you. If you're not a fan of Dave Sedaris, this story of a fairly famous writer's sister's suicide will hit you.

I've always been fascinated by first lines in novels. Good ones set the tone for the rest of the story. So check these out. Of course they missed one of my favorites from Anthony Burgess' Earthly Powers:

"It was the afternoon of my eighty-first birthday, and I was in bed with my catamite when Ali announced that the archbishop had come to see me."
New trailer for Anchorman 2: What do you think?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cool Shit 10/22

Life hacks are becoming the cinderblocks the internet is propped up on in the front yard of life. So I would feel weird not passing these along to you.

Television conspiracies sounds great on paper, but once you apply these theories to the shows, they quickly fall apart, like so many real conspiracies. Still, I won't give up belief that The Fall Guy was a thinly veiled metaphor for the death of communism during the Cold War.

Sorry to buzzkill your apocalyptic fantasies of zombie outbreaks across the world, doomsday preppers, but it seems our ecosystem, and more specifically the animal kingdom, wouldn't allow it to be possible. That and the whole thing about zombies being completely fictitious.

Mental Floss currently killing it with its Calvin and Hobbes stuff. Here are 7 facts you might not have known about the iconic comic.

The concept of traveling in space will probably happen within our lifetimes. But it's a concept so young and fresh and weird and crazy and breathtaking that it is still something that holds wonder and affects us. Here the people that made it possible talk about how these ideas affect them and all of humanity. Basically, if you like space, you'll like this small documentary.

Aside from Sleepy Hollow (which I'm still not sure why it's successful) The Popcorn Trick was pretty spot on with being able to pick out the clunkers of the Fall television season. Which I guess means we should be hired to consult for the networks obviously.

The company behind Sriracha is not like other companies. The CEO is not like other CEOs. All he wants is his product to be widely available. Seems like he's doing a decent job, no?

A poster of fictitious beers. And there are plenty I imagine you have never heard of.

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Best (or Worst) Sexy Halloween Costumes for Women: Part 2

In part 1, we took a general look at how women are going to objectify themselves simply because they can. Our society is slowly turning the scares of Halloween into the skin of scantily clad women. It's a weird juxtaposition, especially in a zeitgeist that continually plays tug of war with the morals of exposing the human body for others to enjoy.

What a weird fucking bunch of weirdos we all are.

But anyway, that's the world we live in, so who am I to make ripples? I'll just point stuff out and laugh and/or cringe. Your mileage may vary...

Sexy MTV Music Awards Miley Cyrus

Probably the biggest seller for this year. Women looking to get a laugh will go as Miley Cyrus. Couples will go as Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus. They will think they're clever until they hit the party and see the 4 other couples that had their same idea. Also, for this costume to work you need the attitude of Miley to pull it off, or you going to really feel stupid. Shame is not included.

Sexy Chucky

Maybe I'm a prude, or missed the strong sexual undertones of the Chuck franchise (except the Bride chapter - I got those sexual undertones), but I never thought the Chucky doll had a sexual element to it ("him?") The axe is a nice touch, and I guess checks a box for some blood fetishist. But seriously - wasn't Chucky a doll? As in, having a young person's mentality? (Forgive my rudimentary Chucky lore knowledge. He was possessed by a convicted murdered sentenced to death, right?)

Sexy Edward Scissorhands

It's been awhile since I've seen the movie, over 20 years I think, so I might be misremembering, but wasn't a lot of the point of Edward Scissorhands that appearance wasn't so important? I wonder if Burton signed off on this costume and is getting royalties...or is the sexy halloween costume lobby so large and deep pocketed that it can simply thumb its nose at such legal nonsense.

Sexy Ghostbuster

I don't see a proton pack so I'm not sure how much Ghostbusting is going to be on. It's almost as if they're saying the proton pack doesn't matter!

Sexy Bandit Hamburglar

I just wanted to put the idea of Sexy Hamburglar out into the world, and watch it flourish. Sexy bandit is so boring.

Sexy Corn

Sure food is sensual, but if we're being honest, shouldn't the corn costume be for the men?

Stay tuned for part 3, where we will explore the nature of law enforcement...gone sexy!

Cool Shit 10/21

Unfortunately, it costs $11.99, but I assume new home buyers might find this website that lets you know whether someone died in your house useful. Or maybe not. Maybe you don't want to know.

I've never seen Sleepy Hollow, so I can't comment on its success, but if you're a fan you might find this dissection of what makes it "good" enjoyable.

The case of the missing Pappy Van Winkle. Also, if you're the thief, I'd love to try some.

Deep into Youtube. A scary, scary place. There are things that will make you laugh, cry, and look away in disgust. And all of those things will be things you won't be able to unsee. That is your warning.

Familiar with David Bowie's song Life on Mars? If not you should be. And once you familiarize yourself, enjoy this Barbara Streisand version. 

The things a director wishes he/she knew before making his/her first film. As told by a director who just made his first film. This one in fact:

Friday, October 18, 2013

Cool Shit 10/18

In case you missed it from yesterday, the ridiculousness of sexy Halloween costumes.

Crazy! Unprecedented! A recent (as in current) interview with Bill Watterson, the creator of Calvin and Hobbes. I am certain this will be making the internet rounds today.

Speaking of Bill Watterson, would you like to see some of his work prior to creating Calvin and Hobbes?

A deeper look at the "Ride of the Valkyries scene from Apocalypse Now.

A list of Easter eggs that connect the worlds of Star Wars and Indiana Jones. I'll buy all of them except the whip in Empire Strikes Back. That one is reaching.

Well, it was nice knowing all of you. But now that there's an asteroid threat to the existence of life on Earth, I figure we should just shut it down now.

Wes Anderson's latest: The Grand Budapest Hotel. Ralph Fiennes looks like he's having a ton of fun, and as usual, the cast is filled with Anderson regulars. Looks deliciously campy and Wes Anderson-y. Hopefully that's your idea of a good movie.

Cartoons are vulgar! Well, at least a few of them in a few scenes. Let's start a protest!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Best (or Worst) Sexy Halloween Costumes of 2013

Halloween. A time for kids to get candy, and ladies to dress provocatively without fear of being called a slut. Well, in theory anyway. Seriously, within the past ten years, young ladies have slowly tugged this holiday away from kids to take it and put their own sexy spin on it.

Of course in the past we've had sexy nurse, sexy teacher, sexy student, but those have become almost cliches. And, always willing to push the envelope (and take full advantage of the concept of capitalism) it seems sexy costumes companies (what, your town doesn't have a sexy costume district) are exploring more and more ways to make things sexier for ladies to flaunt. Now, I am on record as saying the "Sexy Rick Grimes" costume is the most outrageous "sexy" costume this year, but that won't stop me for pointing out some of the other outlandish sexy costume choices women have this year...

Sexy Wolf

Yes, of course Little Red Riding Hood drips with major sexual overtones throughout its telling (Google "sexual undertones in little red riding hood" to fully explore that nightmare). So I guess it's not a far reach to imagine a sexual wolf. But this costume is barely a wolf (yes, ultimately I realize that's the point) and more of a female Russian army member who go too close to a land mine (Get ready for the "Sexy female Russian army member who got too close to a land mine" costume next year.) This isn't even enough for furries to effectively yiff with. Well, maybe the headdress. But you get my point.

"Super Gamer Girl"

Oh what a great label...but I see through your charade "sexy costume place." You don't have the rights to call it "Sexy Mario" so you got clever. Of course, a "sexy gamer costume might actually be interesting, instead of this male/female juxtaposition caricature of an Italian plumber. Seriously, the mustache is weird, no? And the transgendered approach of turning a male Italian plumber into a sexy object of lust for men to ogle is weird too, right? Have we exhausted all sexy costume ideas that we now have to reach into the male world?

Pac Family Model?

This costume cleverly gets around the male/female confusion of the previous costume simply by using both Pac-man AND Ms. Pac-man chomping on some boob. That neither of these creatures probably have working genitalia or gender identities is beside the point; look where the ghost shows up!


I have to imagine, in a practical sense, this would be a bear for an actual to wear to do ninja things. I mean the boots alone look like they would take 10 minutes to get on.

Undercover Cop

The sexy cop has become cliche in recent times, so I applaud the attempt to take it to the next level and offer something different. However, aside from attempting to infiltrate a Sexy Cop costume convention, I don't think this is the best choice for an undercover cop.

Jolly Rancher

The irony of dressing up as an actual piece of candy in order to get a piece of candy is not lost on me. Also, not enough ruffles. And what flavor is she? You'd think the makers of this costume were mailing it in!

Obviously this is a a small sample of the ridiculous costumes out there. Make sure you bookmark The Popcorn Trick to see what other outlandish costumes are out there later in the week!

Cool Shit 10/17

Look, I'm not going to be able to help you survive any and all types of accidents, but if you just use some common sense when faced with certain situations, you might not become a statistic.

I've always liked Liam Neeson so I'm glad he's had a surge later in his career in these action movies. But seriously, this looks horrific. Julianne Moore has to be the terrorist, right?

As you can probably imagine, popular television showrunners have enormous, fragile egos that show through in their projects. Enjoy this read as they answer a few questions about what it's like to run a show. And revel in the forced pithiness of Aaron Sorkin!

Crazy photos from atop the Golden Gate Bridge. Honestly, is the reason the bridge is so famous simply the red color? What if we painted all our bridges red? Would the popularity of the Golden Gate Bridge wane? Also, shouldn't it technically be gold? These are the things I think about.

All the evidence that time travel already exists. And sure, there are a lot of supposedly simple explanations for these examples. Explanations that time police would obviously tell people to ensure time travel stayed exclusive for the wealthy.

I really think there's a good idea for making a smart horror movie that abandons the usual horror movie tropes that we all know are going to happen. This parody trailer touches on it, but goes for broad jokes and references instead of exploring it further. So I guess my project is still a go!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cool Shit 10/16

If there's no recipe for Bathtub Gin in this Urban Guide to Moonshining, I'm taking my ball and going home!

I guess the moral of this internet article (if internet articles can have morals) is that television shows, if given enough time, can evolve into something halfway decent. So I guess The Blacklist has some hope. And I guess Revolution is the exception that proves the rule.

You can have your Banksy. I want my grafitti to be clever and funny without having to think about it.

Oh sure the studios want you to think these movie urban legends have a simple explanation, but I'm not buying into at all. 3 Men and a Baby definitely was a haunted set!

A guide to all things Pearl Jam, and where those things rate on a scale of underrated, overrated or properly rated. Though I'm not in the know, I'm sure the article was written due to the new album being out. Related, here's a single of that new release:

Who better to recommend a cook book than a chef?

Hey! Remember when we all watched The Conversation and saw how paranoid Gene Hackman got by the end? And we thought to ourselves, "man the 70s were a time of distrust!" And then his character kind of came back in Enemy of the State, and we thought to ourselves, "yeah that's how a crazy paranoid person would grow up from the 70s to today. And we laughed and laughed and laughed? Well, this article suggests surveillance isn't like that at all. It's much much worse. Have fun not being tracked!

For whatever reason, I like the idea of local foraging for food. I've gone out and looked for ramps in season, (but always come away empty handed. Unfortunately, I'm not a big mushroom guy so while I'm intrigued by the hunters, I don't want the bounty.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cool Shit 10/15

Think our world is boring and has no mysteries to offer? Well, A. that sounds pretty stupid because there are a billion mysteries out there for the human race to solve; and B. here are a few to start you off: ancient structures with unknown origins.

Cool pictures of a guy making miniatures. The illusions he creates will make you believe they aren't illusions though. Just scroll through the pictures if you don't believe me.

Get pumped for Halloween with this look at 20 essential vampire movies. Not weird enough for you? Then head over to this look at the 12 weirdest vampire movies. You can even play a game and see which ones overlap to enjoy the few essential weird vampire movies.

And you thought the music of Captain Beefheart was strange.

So what probably happened after the Death Star was destroyed in Return of the Jedi? Well, let's just say if you weren't fond of the ewoks, you might want to continue reading.

Law & Order's John Munch is retiring. That wouldn't be such a big deal until you realize that the John Munch character has been in a number of series, suggesting connectivity between universes. There's an unbelievable script waiting to be written about this phenomena. I can't figure out if it's a miniseries or a trilogy of movies. Just know that Omar meeting Lucille would be the climax of it all.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Cool Shit 10/14

Some crazy roads that you might want to think about visiting before you die. Some you've seen before, but some may be new. Think of roads as our modern day pyramids.

Halloween always invokes lists of horror movies. Here's one that lists movies "you" haven't seen that will scare you. Nothing too shocking on here really, but I am excited that they included The Exorcist III on the list as it really is scary and a good sequel to the original (the 2nd one should be avoided at all costs). Furthermore, I'm glad they called out the scene in it that really is scary. While I've included it below, you will lose a little something since it it out of context. Within the movie the scene is spectacular.

Outlaw country, a genre of music that doesn't get nearly enough attention or accolades it deserves. And now, here's an oral history of how it started from the artists that started it.

Say what you will about Banksy, I fell his ideas are at least clever and still hold a message. Yes, I realize he's a polarizing figure, and much of his stuff feels more like a stunt and less like art, but I also believe that messaging is actually art. And selling his art in Central Park as knockoff imitation art is brilliant.

This expose is going to destroy everyone who gets their education from the lids of iced tea bottles.

Well, I never...this article is suggesting that wine labels are affecting how we buy wine!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Cool Shit 10/11

If you like the Beatles and cover songs, please check out the post I threw up yesterday on The Beatles and cover songs.

Films, for one reason or another, tend to sometimes get delayed between finishing shooting and being released to a wider audience. Here's a look at some of the more interesting delays.

Life hacks will help make your life a little bit easier. And at the end of the day, isn't that really what life is about? Here are 35 tips that can maybe make your life a little bit easier.

Of course you shouldn't trust everything you see/read on the internet. So enjoy this video that takes some of the more popular life hacks and put them to the test. Apparently.

Just in case you wanted to get prepared (and I'm not sure that buried bus stocked with canned goods is going to do it) here's an infographic of how the Earth will be destroyed once the sun dies.

Glazed over in the Silk Road shutdown kerfluffle last week was the notion that the creator of Silk Road had contacted someone(s) to execute a hit. So yes, amidst the drugs and sex you can get online, it seems possible you can also buy murder.

Artie Lange has led an interesting, self-destructive life. Read about it here.

The Spoils of Babylon is a IFC miniseries coming next year and after watching this trailer for it...I DON'T KNOW HOW TO CONTINUE!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

I Got You Covered: The Beatles

I like a good cover song. Key word there being "good." To me, that means the cover has to pay tribute to the original song, while also providing its own distinctive flair. This series will delve a into the covers world, with each post tackling a different artist and offering a look at how they are being covered. My intentions are also to dive (a little) deeper beyond the songs you may have heard a bunch of times already, and look for the more interesting sounding covers you might not be aware of. Please don't accept this list of covers as a "be all end all." I realize lists are just made for argument's sake. This list is simply to share stuff you might not know exists.

Today's artist: The Beatles (why not start at the top?)

A Day in the Life - Lee Rittenour

Basically, this is what I assume I'd hear in an elevator, or dentist's office. A soothing, lite jazz take on the classic song. But that doesn't mean it doesn't work. Particularly the breakdown part, where Lee indeed, breaks it down!

Drive My Car - Bobby McFerrin

The Michael Winslow of the music world takes on the Beatles and doesn't embarrass himself. Well, it's debatable and up to you to decide for yourself whether you think he's always embarrassing himself.

Eleanor Rigby - Vanilla Fudge

The drugs of the early 70s must have been fantastic. Also, seriously I swear you will start recognizing the song 3 minutes in.

Lady Madonna - Caetano Veloso

Honestly, this feels like it would be playing in the background of a Peter Sellers movie where he awkwardly attempts to pick up a woman.

Oh Darling - Huey Lewis & the News

It begins as a fairly traditional rendition of one of the Beatles more underrated songs, but then the harmonica comes in, and you feel the "bluesyness" of the whole thing.

Rocky Raccoon - Richie Havens

This might be the greatest thing on Youtube.

Cool Shit 10/10

Cool profile on actor Danny Trejo, star of the Machete..."franchise?" I mean there are two movies now, and I'm sure if the second one is successful, there will be a third. Regardless, read the article just for this:
He is shirtless, and will not make the slightest move to put on a shirt — nor the slightest hint that a shirt is somewhere nearby, if he even wanted to put one on — for the rest of the afternoon.
I'm pretty sure that sums up Danny Trejo better than anything else ever could. Yet, while I love the profile, I can't imagine this new movie is going to be good. Honestly, it looks to be barely a step above a Roger Corman production, which, while I understand that is the point, it doesn't mean I have to enjoy low level writing, special effects, acting and gimmickry. Take a look for yourself...

David O. Russell's latest film, American Hustle. I hope it can maintain the excitement of the wardrobe throughout the whole movie. 

Well, this makes complete sense. Apparently the gluten free diet is the work of the devil. So says Pat Robertson, who allegedly knows a thing or two about the devil.

Also, I have no idea what clankers are, but I don't want them and so I'm actively praying to God to keep them away from me! And eating 14 loaves of bread a day.

Here's a look at how Amazon got started and what makes it tick. Read it and start your journey to a multi-billion dollar website!

I know this will come as a shock to some of you, but John Lennon had somewhat of a large ego. Here he is trashing 18 Beatles songs, and surprisingly most of them are McCartney-written diddies!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cool Shit 10/9

Cool project - a group of "creative types" drop out of society for a bit and set off to hike the John Muir trail, and allow it to inspire them. This is the documentary they came back with.

So you may think knitting is boring, but know that Norway does not. Not by a long shot. What? Oh you thought I was talking about actually knitting? No, I'm talking about watching knitting. For five continuous hours. Norway does not think that is boring.

While obviously fake, this video takes ping pong to a whole new level. And I love the swedishness of it. All of it.

Thinking about doing a Tough Mudder anytime soon? Make sure you read the whole waiver, and know what you're getting yourself into.

What could possibly be better than wearing a watch that will count down the seconds until you die?

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cool Shit 10/8

While I certainly wouldn't condone the behavior of photographer Bradley Garret, as the photos he takes are most likely taken illegally, I sure am glad he is willing to take the risk and photograph long forgotten urban places.

Pearl Jam fans - the new album is coming out, and now you can stream it for free!

You're not googling right. Here are some tips to make you a search expert with the search engine.

It's not too often you find yourself in the right place at the right time with a camera. But these photographers did, as they caught a lightning storm in the Grand Canyon.

Currently, Banksy is in New York, doing his Banksy thing and giving us art, at least temporarily. To get in the mood, here's a list of some of his more iconic work. Quick aside - what's the deal with people find his work and then "tagging" it themselves? There's a whole graffiti subculture I'm not aware of. Also, quick aside to my quick aside - it took me 18 minutes to spell "graffiti" correctly.

I assume we''re just going to ignore the warnings of thousands of science fiction stories and go full steam ahead into creating the robots that will become our overlords? Such as these?

What better time than a Tuesday morning than to melt your mind with some ridiculous theories pertaining to our universe?

Monday, October 7, 2013

Cool Shit 10/7

It's hard to believe I movie like I, Frankenstein was greenlit and actually made. It's harder to believe Aaron Eckhart is starring in it. I have no problem with him grabbing cash, I just thought he was over it by now after starring in stuff like The Core and Battle: Los Angeles. Anyway, watch the trailer and tell me I'm wrong. TELL ME I'M WRONG!

Neil DeGrasse Tyson, one of our most original thinkers currently, is asked what he thinks is the most astounding fact about our universe. In his usual fashion, he comes up with a compelling answer that will either make you feel infinitesimal small, or infinitesimal large, depending on your viewpoint. And for nothing else, the video is pretty cool...

After thinking a bit about Stuart Smalley, It's Pat, Night at the Roxbury and other SNL movies that were made, it's kind of amazing that there are others that never got made. My favorite part about this list? When some of the writers suggest they just couldn't figure out how to make a sketch work over a movie's run time. Why that didn't stop the Coneheads from being made, I'll never understand.

Have a morbid obsession with death? Better yet, global death? This handy chart breaks down disasters (both man made and natural and lets you know just how deadly things were and got.

Another one to file in the weird books department (right next to the Voynich Manuscript I guess) is the Codex Seraphinianus - a book that is written in its own language, with a variety of bizarre illustrations. Better yet, it's author is still alive, and you can even purchase it here.

More ridiculous "sexy" Halloween costumes. While the sexy Rick Grimes costume still tops the list in my opinion, based on the origins of the character and the complete lack of sexiness his world brings to the table, the execution of the sexy squid certainly puts it near the top.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Cool Shit 10/4

A real astronaut reviews fake astronauts in a movie about space!

What's better for a lazy Friday than a collection of random facts?

Interview with Jerry Seinfeld. Why should you waste your time with another interview with Jerry Seinfeld? Oh, I don't know, maybe because he reveals his FAVORITE SEINFELD MOMENT EVER!

"Cappers" on the internet. I'm not ready to call them the most vile form of species out there, but they're probably in the top 10. All for the hunt and success of getting a girl out of their clothes.

You don't have to love popcorn to read this article about it. But if you do love popcorn than you'll probably really want to read it.

Ah, Halloween is coming, so it's time for the ladies to start thinking about what costume they want to sexify. Here's a look at a few. Not sure the sexy Rick Grimes costume can be topped...

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cool Shit 10/3

When it comes to Bigfoot, I want to believe he/she/it is real. I want to think that there is a creature/family of creatures running around the deep woods of our country. But even with these so called new videos, my mind simply can't assume Bigfoot exists. And this article does an excellent job of explaining why that is, and why it's most likely Bigfoot doesn't exist.

Are these the best beers in the world? Of course not, but lists are lists and the internet probably wouldn't exist without lists. Well, I guess porn would nobly come in to rescue it were lists to suddenly disappear. But you get my meaning.

I'm pretty sure this video is conclusive proof to what I've been saying for years: Conductors don't do anything other than wave their hands around a lot.

So, according to this article, the reason the government is shut down is because 30-40 people are holding a country hostage. 30-40 people. Let that sink in America. 30-40 people have brought the government to where it is. Now, I'm not going to comment on the reasons or the problems, but I will suggest their arrogance and lack of common decency (not to mention their less than stellar negotiating skills) simply defy logic. And I wish they would take a look at themselves in the mirror and truly question their motives and beliefs. Sadly, I also believe that will never happen.

Dave Chappelle left the spotlight at his zenith. Many people wonder why.

The story of a man, a spider and a hospital.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Cool Shit 10/2

There's a lot revealed in this small interview with the lead singer of GWAR. I won't spoil it for you.

And here is GWAR covering the Bill Ocean classic, Get Out of My Dreams and Into My Car:

GWAR covers Billy Ocean

I loved, LOVED Unsolved Mysteries. Sure, Lifetime has some new, updated version of it, but don't be fooled; don't waste your time. It doesn't have Robert Stack. And it doesn't create the creepy ambience the original series was able to do so well. This post reminiscing about the original gets that, and pays homage to Mr. Stack and the original.

Now, I used to have links to the scariest Unsolved Mysteries episode ever, but apparently YouTube recently went through a purge and eliminated most of the Unsolved Mysteries episodes from their site. Of course, there are ways to still see them...Perhaps if you are persistent enough and look for "Robert SInack" you might have some luck...

To quell your thirst for the show, here's a small reminder of what Wednesday nights brought us...

So, Breaking Bad is over, and we'll never ever have another show like Breaking Bad, long live Breaking Bad. But here's a list of shows that have the possibility of filling the huge Breaking Bad hole in your television soul.

It's weird to think about putting together a list of 100 books you feel are the best and mean the most to you, but that's exactly what Mr. David Bowie did, and you can take a look at that list. And maybe, if you get through them fast enough, become a rock god like him.

It's never been a secret that Stephen King didn't like Kubrick's version of The Shining. What may have been a secret is why. But don't ask me, I've neither read nor seen the movie.

Dear men - you aren't the only ones who cheat. In fact, there are women out there that want to cheat too. Though it's not a comfortable thought, it's a little bit refreshing to see women out there treat the idea the same way as men have for so many years. And Ashley Madison has made it easier for everyone.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cool Shit 10/1

The government is shut down, yay! You know, we might get older, but we never grow up. The sandbox rules apply no matter how old you are. And some people just never learned them. And those people apparently gravitate toward government jobs. Anyway, here's a look at a list of things that happen during a government shut down, and how it might affect you. Hope you're not reading this from a tent in Yosemite!

Screw you modern technology! I want to walk up a cliff using plank boards and a chain. At least that's what some people who made these cliff walkways must have said. Or maybe not since most of them were built pre-modern technology. So they must have just said, "I wonder what's up there?"

Anthrax gets all the big headlines, but ricin is just as, if not moreso dangerous. And it can go in the mail too. Remember when the Elvis impersonator was charged for doing so? No? Than this article is a great way to catch up on that plot.

I like how sometimes we brand things we don't understand as "weird." Take for example this article (otherwise nicely written) about Sony and some of its more unusual products that see the marketplace. While some might call the strategy and execution as innovative, creative and inspiring, apparently others simply say "weird."

The petition to make Mick Jagger the star of Clockwork Orange (and then indirectly have the Beatles score the movie).

Nice to know NASA at least has some kind of plan in case an astronaut floats off into space untethered (ala Sandra Bullock in Gravity), though I'm not sure it's a great plan.