Friday, October 31, 2014

Cool Shit 10/30

The question that has been on everyone's minds for so long: is it possible to ride the entire New York subway system in one day?

The sriracha factory tour!

Oh good! A cyberattack that will cause casualties and damage to a major city is knocking on our door! (Or maybe it isn't!)

The history of the Ouija Board.

Bear Fight!

The Apple Pay vs. CurrentC war is a lot like the one between BlueRay and well whatever it was up against.

Obviously it's too late for this year, but if you have a big enough space that's just sitting there and some ambition, why not put together a haunted house?

Halloween mysteries!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cool Shit 10/30

A new drink from Starbucks, but you have to be in the know to get it since it's not on the menu. I give you the Franken Frappucino.

Coming on the heels of recommending the podcast Serial (new episode out today!), here's a look at a few more interesting podcasts. 

The Olympics in Washington D.C.? Sounds completely doable and not insane at all.

I never knew the United States was such a haven for fantastical creatures. Enjoy this folklore from around the country.

The Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy is inconsistent across all three movies in my opinion, with the third one, Batman and the Catgirl (I think that's what it was called) being the spottiest of all. And now it seems there was a time when we wouldn't have had to deal with Catgirl or the Big Hulk guy at all, if some other things had fallen a little differently.

Cancer is in your home!

Ultimate frisbee fan? United States Open Championship Johnny Bravo vs. Ironside. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cool Shit 10/29

If you aren't listening to the podcast Serial, I recommend you do so right now. To help get you started, read this interview.

Living on a deserted island for 60 days. 

The new television season is almost a month old, so I guess it's time to speculate about which shows will be renewed, and which shows will be cancelled.

I love salsa, but was unaware just how many different varieties there were. And I'm not talking about simply changing the peppers in your tomato-based sauce; I'm talking about completely different types of salsa.

Blogging the Halloween terror events in the Los Angeles area.This episode: Alone.

Eating roadkill: a perspective. (One mild complaint - the author is a vegetarian, which doesn't really leave a lot of space to compare the raccoon meat with other meat.)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cool Shit 10/28

Your sexual desires - how you WANT to have sex - probably says a lot more about you than you thought.

So now that you know that, pair it with some of these Victorian sex tips and you'll be getting kinky in no time flat.

Halloween means a look at horror movies. Here's a great list about the best independent horror movies.

Like classic cars but don't have a classic car budget? Check out eBay for some sweet deals.

Deathbed confession of an Area 51 scientist suggests there are aliens at Area 51. So it's gotta be true, right? I mean who would lie on their death bed?

And then you couple that confession with these new Mars' photos of ancient hieroglyphics makes me a true believer.

New Ok Go video...

Monday, October 27, 2014

Cool Shit 10/27

Just because they're toys, doesn't mean they can't be offensive.

I'm not offended because someone is trying to sexualize Ebola for Halloween; I'm offended because the costume is hardly sexy at all.

It's always interesting to see how different a culture can be to your own. And this list of 50 facts about Japan does a pretty good job of doing that.

A handy guide to help you attempt to live longer.

Summoning the demon...Elon Musk style.

Wormholes are so in vogue right now...thanks Christopher Nolan!

A guide that can show you why you need to get enough sleep.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Cool Shit 10/23

Sometimes, creating elaborate posts on the Internet can lead to success...while this show is far from making it on the air, The Second American Civil War, which started as a post on Quora, looks like it's going to be considered.

Interview with Christopher Nolan about his new movie Interstellar.

The trailer that will be everywhere (so why not here?): Avengers 2:

Clarifying the undergarments worn by Mormons.

In case you were really wondering about drinking your urine and whether it was a good idea or not, the internet can help you.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cool Shit 10/22

The reason GI Joe had such a high success rate saving the world is apparently Cobra didn't have the brightest bulbs working for them.

Pretty cool that the Vatican is digitzing its ancient manuscripts and then putting them out on the Internet for people to explore them.

A comprehensive look at where members of bands stand on stage while performing.

If you're a fan of The Last Waltz, and more importantly The Band, you'll enjoy this ranking of every song during that concert.

I don't know...this John Wick movie looks fairly straightforward and uninteresting, but then you read a review like this and you start to wonder...could Hollywood have allowed someone to stretch outside the norm and create something that is awesome?

If you're interested, here's the Bill Murray interview from the Howard Stern show.

Quite possibly the best thing you will get from the internet this week...I don't know the story behind Sammy Davis Jr. adding lyrics to the Hawaii 5-0 theme song, but I'm not complaining. (via @ReelQuinn)

Of course, while great, that's not near the greatest "television theme song with made up lyrics" on the internet...

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cool Shit 10/21

This might be my favorite story of all time: Chili's fires shirtless cook after finding him attempting him to create a "Sexy Cooks of Chili's" calendar or something.

Hey guys - want to look sexier to women? Practice these dance moves...

More suggestion of a second, secret government that we can basically do nothing about.

More clowns at night. Spreading across the country. I'm still behind the viral marketing of some stupid movie or television show as being the culprit.

The story of how television networks are beginning to look at unbundling from the cable companies, and what that will do to the market. 

The sad, lonely world of 0-view youtube videos.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Cool Shit 10/20

Deadly destinations where you can challenge yourself, or simply watch others.

Sure, for $50 you're not going to get some awesome computer, but there are some cool pieces of technology you CAN get.

We have the Seven Wonders of the world down here. And apparently the moon has seven wonders of its own. Not sure who came up with them though, as I've been told throughout my life that the moon has no habitable climates!

Many of these cool landscapes have been seen before, but it's nice to get a nice reminder of how cool the Earth can be.

Pulp Fiction is 20 this year, so a lot of stories have come out about it recently. This list of 20 "secrets" was actually pretty informative. 

Here's one of those terror, "extreme" haunted houses. I really have no idea why anyone would sign up for something like this, especially after watching some of things that happen...

Cool Look into the dynamics of character development between Hannibal Lechter and Clarice Starling in Silence of the Lambs. There's a lot going on that you're probably not aware of while you're watching.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Cool Shit 10/17

Places that look cool to climb, but are impossible to do so, for one reason or another.

Toys that you probably don't want your kid playing with...I'm particularly fond of the CSI crime kit with asbestos...because it came from a simpler time when we had no idea about the dangers of asbestos, back in 2007. 

Live in or traveling to the southern hemisphere? Then you'll have a decent chance to see a comet buzz Mars!

Some of these "details" about Nolan's Interstellar seem a little forced to get the total up to 15 (I'm looking at you flask of Earl Grey tea), but others are helping to flesh out what this thing is going to be about. Can't wait to see the alien laser battles!

Oh sure, everyone loves seeing the list of best colleges, but what about a list of the worst colleges?

Dan Harmon is still out there, still creating and still taking risks (reading about the documentary almost feels frightening).

Smuggling Trader Joe's into Canada. And then selling it. For a profit. Canadian piracy at it's finest!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Cool Shit 10/16

These maps do an excellent job of highlighting what sports is really like in America.

Interstellar is coming out soon, and here's some more information about it.

Conceptual art from the new Star Wars movie? Possibly.

A list of national chains that offer free wi-fi.

Usually when you read a headline on the internet that suggests an invention could change humanity, you have to assume there's a bit of hyperbole. I'm not so sure about this one though. Lockheed Martin isn't some quack, and clean energy is definitely something everyone is after.

HBO without cable? It's now a reality. Game changer in the industry.

The same guy who wrote Taxi Driver and Raging Bull also wrote and directed The Canyons. And now he has a new CIA movie out with Nicholas Cage.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cool Shit 10/15

The curiosity of the Umbrella man during the JFK assassination, and why he holds such a special place in conspiracies.

If you have an iphone, this list of essential games will probably interest you.

Interested in 25 minutes of deleted scenes from Pulp Fiction, including commentary from Quentin Tarrantino?

These are some great tips for grilled cheese, but then they go and ruin it by just dropping it down on a plate. See, when you do that, the bottom piece of bread will get soggy because condensation will build up between the surface area of it and the plate it is resting on. So, if you're serious about grilled cheese, make sure after cutting it, you take your sandwich and lean it so that no flat surface of the bread is touching the plate. You'll thank me a thousand times when you're bread still has its crunch.

The growth of extreme haunted seems our society needs to continually push boundaries to make us feel something. I wonder where this is all going?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cool Shit 10/14

Second graders enjoying fine dining.

Ok, so maybe you don't want to take your second grader out to a fine restaurant...follow these 100 cooking tips and you won't have to.

Ebola. War in the middle east. An asteroid. Things that will significantly alter our world if they come to complete fruition. What can you do to prepare? Head to prepper camp.

Ten more mysteries that have been unsolved...until recently.

The gall bladder is completely useless. But I bet you don't know why. A story that leads to the potential conclusion of hacking our bodies to keep up with the pace of our eating habits.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Cool Shit 10/13

Making moonshine. Today.

I'm a sucker for an avalanche story.

Ranking the mentioned, fictional movies from Seinfeld is brilliant, even though I disagree with #1.

The clown story in the California town hasn't gone away yet. Kinda wish he wouldn't pose with anyone or talk to anyone, to make it scarier. But then again, I'm not the one wearing a clown costume stalking a town at night. 

I'm pretty sure the concept of a pepperoni pizza cake is the apex of cooking. Should we even try after this point?

I believe aliens exist somewhere in the cosmos. Not sure they've visited us yet, but if space is indeed infinite, than by definition they have to be around. Of course, I don't think any of these theories definitively prove they are out there.

You may not have heard of Viv, but it's quite possible in the next 5 years you will start having conversations with it. A lot.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Cool Shit 10/10

I don't know, this story feels more like the start of a viral marketing campaign for some dumb clown horror movie more than anything else.

Ambiguous movie endings.

"Unfinishable" novels.

Have a favorite beer? Want to see where it's distributed? Check out this handy map.

Trailer (or teaser I guess, though really who cares) for Tomorrowland. Hoping this is good.

Some cast and details coming out about Quentin Tarantino's latest, The Hateful Eight. Let's hope this ends his continued slide of quality for his movies.

Don't you think for one second that scientists aren't keeping an eye out for time travelers from the future.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Cool Shit 10/9

Have an indie music band and want to stand out in the crowd? Head to Craigslist and hire a dancer for $25.

Maybe this guy thought you had to bid the furthest amount away from the actual retail price:

Calvin and Hobbes were certainly destructive in their day...but exactly how much destruction did they cost his parents?

Tomorrowland is an upcoming movie that has buzz surrounding it based on the fact that no one really knows what it's about. Until now. Well, maybe we still don't know everything, but we do know more at least.

Thanksgiving in a bucket sounds both awesome and terrifying all at once. And I want to do it so badly.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Cool Shit 10/7

Ranking the best stand up comedy specials of all time.

Studying for the end of the world. It's increasingly looking more like a "when" instead of an "if."

Dracula has been onscreen for many years; some were good portrayals, others not so much.

Here's a map that shows all the average commuting times in the United States.

Look, aside from being from Iowa, or currently living in Iowa, I figure you don't much care about it, butt dammit, it's one of the 50 states, and it has plenty to offer.

The internet may have "perfected" the concept of speculation for movie sequels, but it didn't invent it. It also didn't invent batshit insane theories about sequels either. Take Star Wars for example. And you thought Boba Fett killing Luke's aunt and uncle was weird.

If you regularly commute within Penn Station, this walkthrough about how it's an utter failure as a commuting hub will most likely anger you even further.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Cool Shit 10/6

Look, not everyone thinks you're going to need a survivalist mentality and bug out in our lifetime; but some people do, and others feel it can't hurt to prepare. No matter what side of the fence you're on when it comes to thinking a nuclear war, plague epidemic, zombie attack or whatever, this helpful guide pretty much will give you everything you need to know if SGD (Shit goes down).

The craft beer revolution of the last few years or so has been awesome for beer enthusiasts everywhere, but the bubble could be about to burst.

If you ever find yourself in the Himalayas, and have a few hours to kill, you might want to head off in search of the yeti.

This Star Wars theory IS pretty crazy, and kind of stupid when you realize, when the moview was made, the character of Boba Fett didn't exist. And to have it retconned in only cheapens the movies even more. But maybe you love Boba Fett and want him involved in EVERYTHING.

Mapping the ocean floors, more accurately than ever.

More unanswered questions about our universe and life.

Sometimes, David Fincher is using his movies to make an entirely different movie within it. It's all about the subtext.

The answer to the age old question: can the cookie dough from Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream be used to make actual cookies?

Friday, October 3, 2014

Cool Shit 10/3

I love this kind of stuff, and have put all of these remote parks on my bucket list.

I might listen to this every day for the rest of my life. I am honestly dancing around my house right now. I believe I knew of the existence of Ginger Baker playing with Fela Kuti on some weird, peripheral level in my head, but never truly seeked it out to listen until stumbling upon it yesterday. You're stupid if you don't listen to this right now.

The mysteries of the Nahanni Valley in Canada, a rugged, mostly unexplored plot of land.

So, did you know Japan has a Disneyland? Or at least did. Here are the remnants of the park.

Roads you should have on your bucket list to drive through the United States.

Art that is both sharp looking and will help you find out where to go during a zombie invasion.

Indiana Jones 5 is allegedly happening. After reading this I don't think you'll know how to accept that news. So just pop in your DVD of Raiders of the Lost Ark and remember how incredible that movie is.

Apparently not only are there people out there who believe Stevie Wonder isn't blind, it's gained some mildly significant traction with celebrities and journalists taking up the cause.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Cool Shit 10/2

Sure, it's nice to hear there's some sort of plan for stopping an asteroid hit on the Earth, but I'm not sure I believe the nuclear option is the solution we should be investing in.

If nothing else, this video about how different cultures cook their steak will make you hungry for steak.

Latest trailer for Interstellar:

Ranking the films of David Fincher. While I think some are out of place on this list, I do agree with #1. I also believe the author and myself might be the only ones who share that opinion.

Planning a trip to Scandinavia? Here are a few things to expect/look forward to.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cool Shit 10/1

Fincher, fresh off of directing Gone Girl, appears to be directing an entire series for HBO. A conspiracy show from England called Utopia. Sounds intriguing.

If a completely deadly disease showed up in the United States, and I were a government agent, I too would spread propaganda in an attempt to not cause a panic, all the while planning my evacuation. Anyway, here's an article on why we shouldn't worry that Ebola has shown up in the United States.

I guess the other thing I would do is attempt to create a lighter, softer side of the disease, so people don't associate it with complete death the moment they hear its name. Anyway, play this fun little game about unleashing a disease on the world that is completely not Ebola. 

Well, you certainly can't suggest Wu-Tang clan isn't trying to come up with some original ideas to sell their albums. Completely different from the one they're going to release to a museum, the next Wu-Tang album will be available to buy in a speaker.

Seriously, is anyone making sure Elon Musk isn't a super villain?

Sure it's got some Big Lebowski vibes, but it's Thomas Pynchon and Paul Thomas's nothing if not crazy: