Friday, August 29, 2014

Cool Shit 8/29

We are not that far away from being able to customize out entertainment. Television, because of the money invested in it, has to reach broad (see the CBS lineup for an example) and even it is dipping its toes into narrower minded shows (AMC series are basically niche brand entertainment). But if you really want to see how it's going to work, it's time to get on the internet. Start with these three shows. While the money obviously isn't there yet in the sense of getting big audiences and ad revenue, the stream has started at least to trickle that way.

Living off the grid, raising cows and looking to spice up your diet? Or maybe you just live near a Whole Foods. Either way, here's a good guide to help you put together the best burger you've ever made!

So apparently, Monica Seles has written (with some help) a YA series. And it sounds completely awesome. I only wish one day I can create a character with a name as brilliant as Nails Reed.

It's mildly comforting to know if the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man - or any large, bulbous candy mascot - attacked New York City that there is a rough plan in place to take care of the situation.

Movies to check out this fall.

If you're a comic book movie fan, I assume you're curious/excited about this Superman v. Batman movie that's coming out in the next year or so. But oh what a Superman movie could have been...

Phil Hartman wasn't just a SNL genius. He was a comedic genius. That's because he could play over the top, but also be the rock on set to let everyone else go over the top.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cool Shit 8/27

Looking to live your life like Mad Men? Or maybe just don't want to sound like an idiot during this current mixed drink/speakeasy craze? Educate yourself with these 25 cocktails so you can hold your own at the next bartenders' convention you stumble into.

A found footage movie based on Bigfoot. Filled with the cliches of 80s horror movies, possibly though as an ironic touch. From one of the guys who brought you The Blair Witch Project. If I made this up you would have hated me.

I'll give medieval Europeans credit for this: they certainly knew how to get creative with torture.

New trailer for Gone Girl. If you haven't read the book, or know much about the story, this will be a good one...

Meat Mountain. Depending on how that phrase makes you feel will gauge your interest in the new offering from Arby's. And for only $10 bucks! Don't look for it on the menu though - this is a need to know item that you have to specifically ask for. I will now go scrub my body down in alcohol after writing these last few sentences.

Get ready for the new TV season. It's right around the corner!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Cool Shit 8/22

Science experiments have a dark side. Especially when the experiments are being done on humans.

It's hard to argue with the monorail episode being the best, but my favorites are Poochie and Scorpio episodes. At least today. Check out the list of these top Simpsons episodes from Rolling Stone and create your own arguments!

And obviously a list of the best line from each Simpson character is going to have complete subjectivity baked into it, but it's definitely enjoyable to read through them.

A Secret dinner that turns out to be so much more. It sounds fun, though this group seemed to not have jarring, uncomfortable people. Though that could make it even more fun I guess.

"Enjoying" the new $1 menu at Taco Bell.

A look at Frank Miller, the day his new movie Sin City 2 comes out in theaters.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cool Shit 8/21

The music of black holes. Assuming if you string it all together it's In Memory of Elizabeth Reed by The Allman Brothers.

While summer is almost over, I'm sure these helpful tips will still be helpful during other seasons.

A rare thing on the internet - a post about what the Star Wars prequels got right. Of course, I might argue that it's complete hooey anyway.

Living alone, in the woods, stealing only the necessities you need. That's the Lake Pond Hermit, a guy who disappeared into the Maine woods and lived for over 20 years.

Top Chef Boston is soon to start. Here's a look at the contestants for the show.

The French Laundry. Reviewed by a 4 year old.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cool Shit 8/19

A huge, stupid undertaking by Pitchfork, that pretty much has no relevance the moment it's put out (since the list is based purely on opinion), it's still a list, and a list on the internet, so it will obviously garner attention. Hopefully, if nothing else, it turns people on to some new music. Anyway, here's the list of top 200 songs of the decade (2010 - 2014) so far.

Now, speaking of relevance of music, here's a closer, deeper look at the classic Miles Davis album, Kind of Blue.

I was never in a frat in college, nor did I have any interest in being in a frat. Now, I didn't go to a college with a huge Greek presence, so the pressure wasn't there. And I'm not saying frats don't have benefits. All I'm saying is that after reading this account of what it takes to get into a frat...yeah.

Ten places that aren't too much longer for this world.

"Are You There, Moriarty?" sounds awesome! Almost as awesome as Barley Break. Sadly, I assume with the advance of technology even more of our physical games will disappear.

Forget the super volcano in Yellowstone - the glacier exploding volcano in Iceland is much more imminent to erupt.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Cool Shit 8/18

Do you low who Valiant Thor was? The alien working within the Eisenhower administration.

Going behind the scenes of Robert DeNiro movies with Robert DeNiro.

Familiar with Femitheism? It's the philosophy that suggests the male gender should be culled down to about 10% of the population. Depending on what side of the ratio I would fall will determine whether I can get behind this.

Think all your problems are over once you're dead? Nope. Now you have to try not to explode as a corpse.

Some small, cool, hidden things to do in New York. Things you might not even know exist if you're a New Yorker!

Aim your camera toward the heavens. It's easier than you think to get an unbelievable photograph of them.

It's not just American television giving us so many great choices. The British have stepped up their game as well. Here are eleven shows from across the pond that should be on your radar this season.

Deep dive into Neil Young's complete catalog.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Cool Shit 8/15

Like science fiction? Here's a look at the sic-fi shows coming this Fall.

Some say the 90s was the last decade for great movies. While that seems completely melodramatic and stupid to say, this list at least can give you some nostalgia for some great movies from that era. Some you've definitely seen, but some probably not.

What better way to find a good place to drink in Vegas than by heading out to where the Vegas bartenders drink.

Is this the best music of the decade so far? I don't know, it's a list from Pitchfork, so immediately warning flares go up. But I do appreciate that they at least take a look back and see if what we thought was great a few years ago really holds up.

The Darien Gap - what basically keeps North America from not being completely connected to South America. And that's probably a good thing.

I'm one of the few people I guess that enjoy Craig Kilborn - in fact, I'll even admit to liking his version of The Daily Show better than Jon Stewart's! (Yes, that's right - he's the original anchor of The Daily Show.) And while this article trying to figure out where he's been doesn't shed a whole lot of insight, it's worth it just to read his answers to an interview a few years ago about what a typical Monday is like for Craig Kilborn. Love the wine zinger.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Cool Shit 8/14

Probably not a lot of stuff here that big Beatles fans don't already know, but still interesting.

It seems we've finally figured out that soda is not good for us. Unfortunately, it seems we haven't figured out what we have substituted for it, isn't good for us either. We are such a complicated creature.

Fall Movie Guide season is upon us!

Our reliance and demand for antibiotics has pushed us out of the easy cure zone, and more into the "if we go into a hospital for something we're probably going to die" zone

The quality might not always be there, but Atraci is the new music client that will immediately give you access to 60 million songs. For free. And it's legal.

I've never read The Kills, but it sounds insane. So I'm in full support of a television show based on it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cool Shit 8/13

Looking to pull off a high end smash and grab? Then you better get a fixer.

Tubing the alligator-infested rivers of Florida, in a man made inner tube boat. Living the life.

Trying all 23(!) flavors of Pop Tarts. Unfortunately, the limited edition flavors were underrepresented.

I find it difficult to suggest a cover is better than an original, as I weigh the idea of coming up with a song from scratch very heavily. A band doing a cover doesn't have to do that. That said, there are a few covers I believe at least come close to the originals, because they did something different/unique with the song. Here's a list of acoustic covers of electric songs. You pick your favorites.

Smells that are slowly disappearing from the world. Some are probably good, some, it's a shame.

Don't pay for Amazon's Kindle subscription service just yet; go down to your public library and get a library card. It's free and your selection is going to be much greater.

While there is much irony and stupidity with the government trying to handcuff Elon Musk from creating a private, more viable way to get into space, specifically because the government enjoys slashing the NASA budget so often to render them impotent. But I will say this, I do like that there are a few eyes on Musk and his "intentions." People like him left alone lead to huge underwater lairs and world domination plans.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cool Shit 8/12

Start your morning off with the discovery of some crazy Thai psychedelia music.

There was a super moon the other night. Check out these photographs of it.

What do you do if you realize you might be a pedophile? As in, you have an attraction to underage children, but haven't acted on it? Sadly, there's not much you can do. Even if you recognize your need for help.

Thinking about dining in Hong Kong anytime soon? Here are some helpful tips to get you through your dining experiences.

There's not much better on the internet than Muppets lip synching to the Beastie Boys:

Charles Manson and his loosely defined wife. Who allegedly loves him.

Jurassic Park fan? Then you'll love these unused posters from the original movie.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Cool Shit 8/11

Listen, there is nothing to suggest Yellowstone's super volcano is going to erupt anytime soon. The road closures are relatively common, and the bison migration was not true. At least that's what they want you to think.

Any article that includes "We may have emerged from a black hole in a higher-dimension universe," is going to get linked here.

Ten of the world's great wonders...and the secrets behind them.

Steven Soderbergh is doing it his way.

Enjoy the history of Disneyworld's Haunted Mansion. Arguably its greatest attraction.

Most advertising is stupid. Every once in awhile though, it reaches a sublime level. Like these ads.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Cool Shit 8/8

Awesome story that dives deep into the making of the Beastie Boy's Paul's Boutique, and something about an unreleased single that could have completely turned the Beastie Boys down a different path. While I want to hear the song, I'm glad it didn't make it's way onto their follow up album.

Saul Bass and Stanley Kubrick collaborating. Cool to see just how detailed Kubrick would get, down to the movie posters of his films.

Even though season 4 was inconsistent at best, I still think it's good news that there will be a season 5 of Arrested Development. Learn from your mistakes!

Space craft cemetery!

While the "controversy" in the middle of this story about breaking the Game Boy Tetris record seems a little too contrived, the punchline at the end kinda makes up for it.

Know the secrets of the casinos before you go in and you might save some money. Of course you won't hit the big jackpot either!

This isn't bragging. I would dominate on Supermarket Sweep.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Cool Shit 8/6

So, Elizabeth Moss has been "rumored" for the new Season of True Detective. Aside from the fact that there have been a lot of actors "rumored" that have then never materialized, I'm not going to get excited or disgusted just yet (though I think it's a fine choice; and it's possible I may have reached an age where the casting of people on television shows doesn't wake a slumbering beast of rage inside me). I do enjoy however, when someone does disagree, and then takes it to the Internet, like this person, who attempts to make a rational argument about why Moss would be a poor choice, while still trying to say how great an actress she is. It's dizzying in its stupidity.

If you'd like to see some more details about season two of True Detective, click here.

Of course the whole thing might be kind of moot since the creator of True Detective was accused of plagiarism. Sort of.

New Left Behind trailer!

Surfing in Alaska!

You think your cable bill is high? Check out what the cable companies have to pay!

Here's another example of people just opining stupidly about things they're not sure about. This guy is talking about the Marvel movies, and how the main villain they've been leading up to with this recent set of movies, isn't necessarily that big of a threat, based on movies he really hasn't been in. So basically we have speculation about a possible villain, and this guy doesn't like him. Awesome.

On one hand, it's Pete Dinklage with an awesome mullet and badass gun. On the other he's on the set of a movie that will also star Adam Sandler.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Cool Shit 8/5

Listen, I don't want to hear how you just can't afford an indoor pool anymore. Not if you have some ingenuity, and apparent disregard for your belongings like these guys do.

I realize the saying is, the customer is always right, but some of these requests are pushing the limits.

National Geographic photo contest winners.

Well here's your average, fake-your-own-death-and-occasionaly-fight-in-a-cage-while-on-the-lam story.

Acting school? Taught by Burt Reynolds? Um, yes please.

Vince Vaughn in season 2 of True Detective? I could see it.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Cool Shit 8/4

Strange candies from all over the place that might not be as appealing as a Snickers bar.

So there's a new James Brown biopic coming out; but seriously can anything come close to watching the real thing?

I've kinda been wondering why I didn't have the option of ordering a 52. oz bloody mary in my life. Thankfully, the situation has been rectified. I'm going to Flavortown!

The main thing I took away from this article is that I can turn my microwave into a space enjoin and go visit Mars.

Train graveyard!

So Guardians of the Galaxy did ok this weekend. Here's a look at all the Easter Eggs they hid throughout it.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Cool Shit 8/1

Beautiful trees have such a calming effect.

The Fermi Paradox is basically the idea that by now we should have discovered intelligent life in outer space. But we haven't. And scientists have some reasons why.

Fuck you, Esquire, writing something like this about Michael Bay, just so you can seem hip because you're indirectly hyping up TJ Miller, in a poorly thought out reach for a younger audience. You've now done what I thought may have been impossible - your attempt at wit has gone and made Michael Bay a somewhat sympathetic figure. And nice try on thinking that people that read your magazine are the target audience for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Ugh.

The movie Birdman seems to be getting some cool buzz, and now news that it is edited to appear as one long take is only making it sound better.

Soda sales have been declining over the years. What is Coca Cola doing about it?

Gluttony is such a fun thing. At least that's what Red Robin wants you to believe, after taking the crown for the worst fast food meal (most calories division) for 2014. Though to be fair, the name "Monster Burger" should probably be a clue that this isn't going to be found on Goop.