Monday, December 31, 2012

The Popcorn Trick and Fireside Chat Have an Alien (Podcast) Baby and It Is Awesome

  Long ago, and in a basement not that far away, there was a podcast called Fireside Chat. As podcasts go, it was, as the French say, très passable.

The Fireside Chat guys are real nice guys. Not terribly interesting, but again, real real nice.

They told us about this podcasting thing, then we pretty much perfected it.

As a favor to them, we invited them for a podcast summit. And as a favor to us, they taught us about shorter segments. And skits. And which animals should be larger.

And we recorded it using an iPad.

Check out the “OUR PODCAST” section on the right for details about getting the podcast via iTunes. Or you can download it directly.


A true Walken impersonator. “Your car is alive!”


Not racist at all.


What some people would do with invisibility: The Invisible Bicycle Helmet | Fredrik Gertten from Focus Forward Films on Vimeo.

And what some other people would do with invisible girls.


This has nothing to do with the podcast itself, but we all watched it and laughed before we recorded it.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Links of Interest 12/21

Trailer for the movie This is the End. Try to get through the first minute (it's a not very good setup) for the actual trailer. Also - Michael Sera is dead!

So uh, Jack Reacher is in theaters.

Let's take a serious look at those Home Alone injuries.

An interview with John Milius. Don't know who Milius is? Check out his IMDb page.

There are some ridiculous looking pictures of nature in this series.

Take a look at some cool movie posters from 2012.

Jam of the Day

Elle King - Playing for Keeps

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Links of Interest 12/19

One man. One guitar. 100 riffs of classic rock and roll songs.

Don't forget as you watch this - all the footage was taken from a remote controlled helicopter:

Mammut 150 Years Peak Project: Trango Tower, Pakistan (6286m / 20,623ft) - RC Helicopter Sample Footage from Corey Rich on Vimeo.

The perils of winning the lottery. Money seems to be an addictive drug when you talk about staggering amounts.

IT took more than a SEAL team and the CIA to hunt down Bin Laden.

Probably not everyone's cup of tea, but I read John Dies at the End and loved it. So I am interested in this movie (warning - it's a little NSFWish)

Crazy detailed picture of Mt. Everest. Probably the next best thing to being there. Or maybe it's actually better than being there.

Jam of the Day

Woods, Bend Beyond

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The top characters I want to see return on the new Arrested Development Episodes

Being an Arrested Development fan, the news of its return coming in 2013 obviously made me feel good. So please, while everything on this list showing up would be an absolute wet dream come true, I'm going to be satisfied regardless.

Gene Parmesan
Only found in one episode, and a one-note joke (but oh what a one-note joke he is), I think he is my favorite inconsequential character in the Arrested Development world. And really, you can never go wrong with Martin Mull cameos.

A foul-mouthed puppet. What's not to love? I particularly enjoy Franklin's crass advances toward Lucille.

Carl Weathers
I will forever be grateful to Carl Weathers for explaining how to make a stew out of virtually anything.

Steve Holt
Steve Holt!

Bob Loblaw Law Blog
Tobias is right, it is a bit of a mouthful.

Barry Zuckercorn
The Bluths really never had much luck with their legal representation.

And just to get you in the right frame of mind, in anticipation for the show coming back, here are 200 quotes from the previous seasons of Arrested Development...

Links of Interest 12/18

Regardless of what side you're on when it comes to fracking, you should read this article.

I'll never shy away from a decent conspiracy theory. But when the conspiracy theory involves conspiracy theories, then my spidey senses really tingle.

Also, here's the episode the article refers to. Watch before they take it down!

For all you Instagram users out there - they're changing their terms, and it seems a little bit sketchy.

The making of The Blues Brothers.

Popular Mechanics is predicting the future!

Wanna play real life James Bond? Here's a great way to start.

Jam of the day: Can, Halleluwah

Monday, December 17, 2012

Links of Interest 12/17

Cool looking documentary about Sound City - a music recording studio that had a fairly significant relevance to popular music...

A story of a hacker, and our government's attempt to stop him.

Getting exercise for a cheetah.

So many lists this time of year: here's one talking about the best games for your smart phone.

Jam of the Day: Cody Chesnutt, Scroll Call

Friday, December 14, 2012

Links of Interest 12/14

Well this plan seems a tad excessive, no? 

These pictures from the sets of famous horror movies will most likely alleviate some of the fright you got from them. I particularly like the Alien and It ones.

For the obsessed Law and Order fan: a breakdown of every case.

You might think a time lapsed film of a cargo ship sailing form Hawaii to California wouldn't be fascinating. And you might be right, but we at least have one to base our decisions on.

Yeah, if you're a huge fan of eating beef, you might not want to dive too deep into this expose on the beef industry. Also, be warned - it's got pictures of dead things in it.

Today's Jam: Amanda Palmer, Do it with a Rockstar:

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Links of Interest 12/13

New Pacific Rim trailer. Honestly, it looks absurd. I'm not sure if that's good or bad.

I share this link not because I want you to contemplate what SNL skits would make good movies, but simply to show how awful an idea of bringing Saturday Night Live skits to the big screen is (honestly, the track record isn't great) as well as to specifically call out how awful the list is. Not to mention the suggestions the author puts out there of how to flesh out each one.

Let's cleanse the palate with some pretty pictures of snow.

Being inside the #occupy movement.

Ever hear of the Wilton North Report? Too bad.

Jam of the Day: An old standby. Cat Power, Willie

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Links of Interest 12/12

Happy "You May Think It's A Palindrome At First Glance But It's Not Really A Palindrome" Day!

Anyone can give you a list of the best movies of the year. How about the worst?

Real Dolls. Regardless of how sexy you might think they are, these pictures of inside the factory that makes them will drop it down at least a peg. Possibly two. (Possibly not the safest thing to view at work - though they are dolls)

If graphic designers were ever truly honest when looking for work.

NASA has released a statement saying we aren't all going to blow up on December 21. Depending on your views on NASA, this is either great news or terrible news.

Jam of the day: Kelly Joe Phelps, Talkin' to Jehova

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Links of Interest 12/11

In case you ever find yourself in this situation (and I won't judge), how to escape from zip ties.

Trailer for M Night Shyamalan's new movie After Earth. Looks like someone saw Avatar!

Corey Feldman talks about his roles. Read it just to hear him talk about:

  • How he and Robin Williams bonded during an episode of Mork and Mindy
  • How he feels Happy Gilmore is more of a comedy/drama
  • How he isn't the world's biggest Dennis Miller fan
  • And much more! 
Take a look inside the Moleskine's of some creative people!

A deep look into how The Walking Dead handles race (Spoiler Alert: not great).

Today's jam: White Denim, Burnished

Monday, December 10, 2012

Links of Interest 12/10

For those occasions when you need to jot something down but find yourself in handcuffs.

If you like road trips, this is the site for you - put in your starting point and your ending point, and then find out all the things you can see/do on your trip.

I like Errol Morris, and I respect his opinion, but I think he's wrong on this court case.

Freaks and Geeks was ahead of its time; find out just how much here.

Fan of Chipotle? Then this is a must read.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Links of Interest 12/7

I can't believe this exists. I made it through 51 seconds. That includes the commercial in the beginning I think.

Is the store Spencer's trying to tell us something about how they feel about women?

The perfect gift for that special someone that wants to walk around smelling like an 80s chain restaurant and shame.

Of treasure hunting, Osama bin Laden and lies.

It's never too early to start thinking Oscars.

Jam of the day: The Coup - "Magic Clap"

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

RIP Dave Brubeck

Dave Brubeck, gone at 91. I'll never forget my college roommate and I Bobby McFerrining his classic Take 5 that one of the local stations in Ithaca, NY would play when they signed off for the night...

Links of Interest 12/5

A pretty map showing you what the Internet looks like.

What a beautiful world we live in.

Oh, you know, just Frank (Francis) Sinatra and Willie Nelson speaking about the virtues of the American Space Program...

Just in time for the holidays - in case you have a Star Wars nerd you have to buy for.

Sure, it looks like you're taking your life into your own hands when you drive in Russia, but it also seems one of the few places left on Earth where you can truly feel alive!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Daily Links 12/4

David Mamet certainly has written some legendary films and plays. Read a little bit about what makes him tick.

Just in case you ever wanted to read about a town that makes fireworks.

The first minute of this Finnish skiing video is of the three dudes fucking themselves up - the next 4 minutes are of them not. It's worth it.

If you're a Game of Thrones fan, this breakdown, with all the principals, of how they made the Blackwater episode is pretty cool.

In the off chance that this blurb sells maybe one or two more books for him, I'm recommending the novel Confessions from a Dark Wood, by Eric Raymond. Difficult to describe, let's just say it's a modern take on the modern world, by way of modern economics. That I saw a lot about my industry in its pages made it engrossing for me, but the lyrical swordplay Mr. Raymond uses makes it a good read for anyone. Buy it here.

Don't like heights? You might want to skip these photos taken from ridiculous places.

Jam of the Day: Stubborn Love, The Lumineers

Monday, December 3, 2012

Daily Links 12/3

Strange disappearances going on in out National Parks...people found without their clothes, or sometimes with their clothes folded neatly right next to them. A Coast to Coast exclusive!

Awesome, awesome awesome storyboard art from many of your favorite films.

Not just a unicorn...a unicorn lair!

It's not just about Bigfoot. It's about purpose.

This. Is. AMAZON.

Admit it, you've always wondered what it would be like to see a blind person at a Rattlesnake Roundup.

Also, song of the day: Laid, Paid and Strange, Natural Child

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Daily Links 11/29

A look at a few upcoming sic-fi movies.

Sure, you may have seen a few of these photos of erupting volcanoes before, but that doesn't make them any less amazing.

It's never too early to think about Sundance. Well maybe the day after the festival, but that's it!

Bill Murray. Interviewed.

Here's a strange story - are environmental activists being targeted?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Daily Links 11/27

I knew they didn't have a whole big plan for the island. I knew it! (How Lost got made). (Thanks Dallas)

Your cable company is shitting its pants right now as Google is slowly rolling out their business model to take over the airwaves.

Want to stay cognitively relevant? Try these drugs! (disclaimer - see your doctor first)

Movie credits are an art form unto themselves. And sometimes, they upstage the actual movie.

This guy REALLY goes into detail about how a space battle might transpire.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Daily Links 11/26

Do you agree with this list of the lamest villains from the movies?

In an effort to hype her latest album, Unapologetic, Rihanna attempts to do 7 concerts, on 7 continents, in 7 days - and take a plane full of press and fans along for the ride. If you thought that would end up working, well...

With The Hobbit coming out shortly, I assume someone out there will be interested in this visual breakdown of the races in Middle Earth.

Find yourself in a Russian prison (or planning something sketchy in Russia and thinking you want to be prepared for the chance of winding up in a Russian prison)? This collection of Russian criminal tattoos and their meanings then is probably indispensable.

Sure most Bond villains have some ridiculous plans to take over the world. But some ideas are a little more plausible.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Daily Links 11/19

Really want to know a lot about all the ladies Bond has bedded? This infographic gives you the glorious details.

I don't know why, but these photos of comedians hanging out together, fascinate me. Maybe they'll fascinate you as well.

New original series from Netflix: House of Cards. Political intrigue! Kevin Spacey! David Fincher! It looks interesting, I just hope the "talking to the camera thing" Spacey does is not employed throughout the series.

Dear Internet. Never change. Never change.

The New Yorker's take on the Grateful Dead.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Daily Links 11/12

I cannot wait until next year to write the date. It will be so easy! Anyway...

Nothing much going on here, just taking pictures of a 26 foot long snake.

I'm sure by now, many of you are bored with the cityscape time lapse videos, but this one offers something a little different...

City on Fire from E Kital on Vimeo.

Remember in the 80s when people would get hypnotized and "remember" they were in a Satanic cult? And then the whole thing was proven to be fake/not real? This next clip not only mildly reminds me of that, but is also roughly a billion times better than any of those stories. Of course, with the evidence offered, maybe I shouldn't be so quick to pass judgement...

Just when I think I could get tired of the internet, clips like these show up!

Sorta surprised I didn't see "my parent's crawlspace" on this list of 25 creepiest places.

The long, complicated story of sugar.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Exclusive World War Z Trailer

I can't recommend the novel World War Z enough. The author, Max Brooks creates an apocalyptic world, a world where the dead rise and makes it believable and scary, showing us how the world would react to such an outbreak. Made up of smaller stories, ranging from army experiences to individual bouts of survival, it is an enthralling, interesting work.

This trailer, based on the book, suggests something altogether different, and unfortunately, subpar...

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Look, I imagine recreating the novel on the big screen would be box office poison. There are no main characters, nor is there one consistent story that ties everything together. It's simply an oral history of the war against zombies. Filming something like that probably wouldn't work. While I may like it, and other fans of the book may like it, financially speaking it probably wouldn't do well enough for the budget it requires. I get that.

But, from the look of this trailer, they have completely abandoned the concept that made the novel so good, and simply turned it into an action film. And you know what? That WILL probably work. For all the problems that have hovered around production of this movie, a big budgeted zombie war film starring Brad Pitt will probably do well. (Quick aside - I will say I appreciate the choice to make the zombies be able to run. It's a nice touch that I've always wanted in my zombie movies to increase the danger and tension.) But I just wish it was called something else - because the book resonated so well, it will be hard to divorce the movie from it and I think that fact will cause major disappointment.

But hey, maybe I'm wrong. This is only 2 minutes of the movie.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Top 10 Ways To Destroy a Pumpkin

Honestly, its videos like these that make the Internet truly worthwhile...

The Best Ad of All Time

I mean, I guess advertising companies can still stay in business trying to make the second best ad of all time...

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Daily Links 10/31

Look, I realize that these guys (twins, by the way, another reason we maybe shouldn't trust them) have probably put in their time and are legitimate scientists. But their hypothesis here, sounds kinda like they were sitting around one day, passing a bong around and making shit up. Also, one of them actually uses the phrase, "frugal aliens" in a serious manner.

I guess a natural disaster is a great canvas for people to introduce made up things to other people in order to trick them. I guess. Here's a look at some of the more iconic photos from Hurricane Sandy, and a helpful guide to let you know whether they are real or fake.

Cool, illustrated look at all the cars James Bond has driven throughout the years.

There are thousands of stories of bravery, heroism and selflessness that go unnoticed in times of great tragedy - stories that appear small in the grand scheme of things, yet are important to the people that they affect. Here's one of those.

This look into the world of professional eating simply gets crazier and crazier as it goes on.

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Best Magic Trick You Will See Today

Clever...Wish they would have shown less crowd perspective and more of the trick though...

Daily Links 10/25

The next season of Arrested Development is on its way - to get excited for it, check out this list of returning characters, possible returning characters, and characters who most likely won't return.

100 ideas that shaped photography.

Ridiculously difficult (and probably mostly lucky) shot in tennis:

Slow motion seemingly makes just about anything that much more dramatic. Here are 7 examples that prove that rule.

So yeah, it might sound boring to volunteer to be a fire lookout, but when not when it's here:

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thoughts on Season 3 of The Walking Dead so far...

The passage of time can fix a lot of things on television...

But wait, let's back up a second and commit a few words to how we got here. In the past I've done episode recaps of The Walking Dead. I've not only seen every episode, I read the comic, way back when it first came out. I wanted this show to be oh so good, so when it was, I loved it - and when it wasn't, I felt let down...

I loved the series premiere. It was gorgeously shot and struck the right tone. And while that first season felt a little inconsistent, I understood it was a show that had to get its legs under itself before it could take off. And when the gang finally got into Atlanta, and to the CDC, I thought it had.

And then came the second season...

Look, behind the scenes hasn't been all that rosy for The Walking Dead. There was stuff that we, as the viewer, will never get the full story on. What we do know is that Frank Darabont who started the series,  was no longer involved (about midway through the second season) and Glenn Mazzara came into replace him. Obviously, tumult behind the camera is going to affect what happens in front of the camera.

Regardless, I felt the second season really missed the mark. There was too much stagnation, too much melodrama and too many minor level conflicts that were blown way out of proportion. At times it felt like a soap opera with the occasional zombie thrown in when we needed something to get scared about. So when the finale of season 2 rolled around, and we saw the overtaking of the barn and the gang on the run, it didn't strike me as that big of a deal. The Walking Dead had already let me down, and it would take a lot to pique my interest again - even with the prison tease...

So let me repeat my earlier thought here - the passage of time can fix a lot of things on television.

We finally have a full season that is all Glen Mazzara's. And right out of the gate he establishes the way he is going to steer the show. By allowing 6 months or so to have passed since we last saw the gang, Mazzara can course correct a lot of the mistakes (in my opinion) these characters exhibited in the past - without having to plod through it. Rick no longer agonized over every decision he made; Lori no longer whined/changed her mind about every decision Rick made; Carl was given something to do other than simply be a liability; Maggie joined the forefront as a up-and-coming badass; Carol gained a steely resolve...heck they all gained a steely resolve. And it was believable. The first scene quickly caught us up to what they had been doing in the time we hadn't been with them - they were on the run, and trying to survive. The frightening monotony of that plight - barging into houses, clearing them of zombies and searching for food - took its tole on them all and changed them.

And then we got to the prison.

While the show had not followed the exact arc of the comics, it's similar. So I will try to stay away from spoilers, or label them as best I can. What the prison offers the survivors is a great location that offers both safety and new dangers - both from zombies and from others. And that's a great dynamic that the show has toyed with, but never completely embraced. Seasons 1 & 2 spent so much time on the internal conflicts within the immediate group and not enough time on the outside dangers that would probably be a major fucking concern 24/7 in a post-apocalyptic zombie world. Characters threatened to leave all the time, but never did, and yet I never bought into the reasons they used to keep the group together.

Season 3 so far has been different. This group is now a unit. A believable unit. Zombies of course are a threat, but they've been through it enough to know they can manage. It's the other external threats that are going to prove challenging (prisoners in a prison, a pregnancy without a doctor, etc.) and set the course for the rest of the series. But the show hasn't given up on the internal struggles, it's just based them in more of a grounded reality. Rick blames Lori for a lot (much like I blame her for season 2's mediocrity) and 2 episodes in, it doesn't feel like their relationship can be fixed. (Sure feels like they're setting her up to die, no?) Hershel, while recovering from a zombie bite appears ok for the moment, that can turn on a dime. And with him being the only qualified medical character in the bunch, Lori's delivery is going to be something of a clusterfuck.

And while the gang took care of the immediate threat of the prisoners quickly and efficiently, there's still a threat there. And of course we still have (SPOILER IF YOU DON'T WATCH THE COMING ATTRACTIONS OR READ ANYTHING ABOUT THE SHOW)

The governor and his level of sadism. If it's even half as strong as it was in the comic, we're in for a formidable foe.


We have all that and I still haven't even mentioned Michonne (though she's still a bit campy for my tastes - dragging zombies around on chains) and the dynamic she will bring when she meets the group. So right now, I am cautiously optimistic for the direction of The Walking Dead. My only fear is that this is exactly how I felt after the first few episodes in Season 1 and Season 2.

Time will tell.

Daily Links 10/24

In time for Halloween - The American Scream, a documentary about three families that take Halloween very seriously:

Short interview (that really goes nowhere - thanks Esquire!) with Casey Wilson, Penny from Happy Endings. I included it mostly to hype the show, which, while uneven last night, is most likely the best show you're not watching on television right now.

Two articles about Tarantino and his filmmaking. This first, goes into a pro/con for his new movie Django Unchained, and the rut Tarantino might have found himself in. (Full disclosure, I am firmly entrenched in the "against" camp for Django. I believe Tarantino was hurt by the relative disinterest (at the time) many people showed for Jackie Brown - a movie that showed him evolving as a filmmaker. When he didn't get the reception he wanted, he retreated back into the safety of his genre films.) The second article is a look back at Reservoir Dogs, and an exploration of the themes and brilliant filmmaking Tarantino showed with that debut.

Great, crazy story about truck stop culture and murder.

Cool pictures from the set of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Daily Links 10/23

An ugly story about a paradise.

Want to know how the new network television shows are doing? (hint: not great)

Charles Bukowski fan? Read what he thought about the 9 to 5 job. (hint: not great)

The Popcorn Trick: Helping you in case you ever find yourself in prison.

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Best from is an iPhone app music aggregator that collects free mp3s from music blogs on the web. It's got cool interface that breaks stuff down by category and makes it easy to find new music. So I've decided to browse through and call out some of the recent bands/songs I've discovered using it. Note: this is not purely 2012 music either - it can be anything that tickles my fancy, which I hope in turn tickles your fancy, whatever that fancy may be. The idea is to share some music you might otherwise never hear.

Animals - The Deloreans (File under: "Indie")

Breakers - Local Natives (File under: "Folk")

In a Big City - Titus Andronicus (File under: "Indie Rock)

Time and Place - Lee Moses (File under: "Folk")

These Strange Days - The Spiders (File under: "Garage Rock")

Daily Links 10/22

Huge Chris Elliot fan here, so it's no surprise I'm linking to this article.

Speaking of Mr. Elliot, here's a 5 part breakdown from the AV club that talks about the phenomenal television show Get a Life with its creator, David Mirkin.

Recently discovered a new band but don't want to slog through its entire discography to decide whether you like them or not? Click here to get a top 10 list of their music and decide.

Think you have what it takes to win the National Geographic Photo Contest? Check out a sampling of the submissions here to see where you stand.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Water Slide Compilation

Water slide mishaps will get me every time...

Daily Links 10/19

Remember those hikers that wandered into Iran and were arrested and detained? Well, one of them has gone to a US prison to compare them.

Only 200? The greatest? Whatever - watch this to get pumped up for it coming back in the Spring of 2013...

The title says it all...

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Daily Links 10/18

I've always been fascinated by Area 51. Sure, at this point its existence is nothing more than a decoy, but for a young conspiracy buff it's the stuff of legend. And don't think, while this documentarian team broke the law, there's a big part of me that heralds them heroes.

Steven Seagal interviews are not easy to skip since they provide so much entertainment. And his most recent one apparently doesn't disappoint. Stupidly, Youtube took it down mere seconds before I was going to watch the whole thing, so all we're left with is this awesome summary of it and a teaser for it...

You can be assured if the full interview does show up, I will link to it.

Apparently, there's an ultramarathoner in Utah, who, in the offseason (I guess that would be the winter) stays in shape by building a luge course in the Wasatch Mountain range...

(Thanks to Dallas)

Ok, so there's really little setup or background to this video, but still it's fairly crazy, and I bet you watch it at least twice:

Everyone likes easy tips that makes their lives easier.

I somewhat vaguely recall this show existing, but I'm very mad that I've never actually seen an episode:

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Daily Links 10/17

Remember the pictures of the space shuttle driving through the streets of Los Angeles? This is better.

R. Kelly is looking to make this the best Thanksgiving ever. 100s of chapters?

It's true. You can't please everyone all of the time.

Cedar Point is the (un)official roller coaster capital of the world. It's in Ohio. While you might not be planning on getting there anytime soon, you can still kind of "ride" their roller coasters here.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Daily Links 10/16

Awesome, awesome time lapse of everything to get you started today...

Natural Phenomena - VideoSapien from Reid Gower on Vimeo.

Like cool stories about the CIA? Here's a few you can check out.

Sure, the logical part of your brain is saying how stupid this project really is. But I bet the non-logical part is trying to figure out how you can get on it when its finished. And hoping it has the old hidden smuggling compartments.

And finally, I'm not sure there could be anything better than watching Gallagher*, in slow motion...

*not sure if it's Gallagher or Gallagher II at this point.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Daily Links 10/15

Pablo Escobar's former mansion, that has been turned into a theme park. I think. The article and pictures don't really go into a lot of detail, which should be considered a crime based on the subject matter and tease.

And you thought LA traffic was bad before! (BWAHAHAHAHAHA) (No seriously, you should click on the link because it has cool pictures of the space shuttle driving through LA.)

This documentary of a film documenting a film documenting a film (I think I got that right) is begging for a mockumentary. And I know just the crew to pull it off...

Finally...I will attempt to give this a a bit of background: back in the 80s, CBS ran an awesome show called Simon and Simon. Last week, on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim this happened:

Here's the original, just so you can see how they match up:

Friday, October 12, 2012

Daily Links 10/12

Whether you've seen every episode of Cheers, or none of them, this is a great list.

A look into how the US finally got Obama, and what it took to get there (excerpt from an upcoming Marc Bowden book).

A crazy cool look at the Grand Canyon...

We might have less time on this Earth than you think (warning - scarily depressing).

Before checking out this look at strange sexy costumes, here's a quiz: Below are 4 sexy costume ideas. 3 are (shockingly) real, 1 I made up. Can you guess which one?

Sexy Corn
Sexy Nemo
Sexy iPhone
Sexy hamburger

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Daily Links 10/11

So Tarantino has a new movie coming out on Christmas - Django Unchained. Looks to be a period piece set during the days of slavery...

Now, while I appreciate Tarantino and his history of filmmaking, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that I think he has gone downhill since Jackie Brown (his best film, in my opinion). I think Kill Bill is very uneven, Deathproof is pointless and Inglourious Basterds is...well, that might be another post. So I await his latest with trepidation.

But if you love him, you've gotta be excited he has a new movie coming out.

Has Rick Springfield really fallen on such hard times?

(I do appreciate the woman holding the coffee cup, singing passionately and laughing just a little too much at Rick's comments - you still got it Rick!)

The lengths a show (and its contestants) will go to remain shrouded in mystery.

You've most likely heard Penn from Penn and Teller speak about stuff - but what about Teller?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Daily Links 10/10

Yes, they're back. And if you have a more clever name for them than "Daily Links" please let me know. You will win accolades and a special place in my heart.

It's never a good thing when, while demolishing something, someone utters the words, "Uh oh."

Get ready for Halloween by booking a stay in one of these haunted hotels.

Crazy story about a cat burglar, the CIA and espionage.

I'm really not sure I can adequately comment on this scene from a Bollywood production of Jaws, other than to say Requiem for a Dream might have competition for most number of edits in a movie...

Oh weather, will you ever stop being awesome?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Best Death Ever Put on Film

I can't get enough of this. Also shout out to the soundtrack. Anyone know where I can get some 70's Turkish television series soundtracks?

Thanks to io9 for the link, though I'm not sure where they're getting "worst death scene."

Thursday, September 20, 2012

"All Night Long" all night long

I doubt you'll see anything better than this video of two guys singing Lionel Richie's classic "All Night Long" all night long...

Monday, August 27, 2012

Why Terrorists Hate Us

I mean seriously, I'm pretty sure after seeing this last night, I hate us. And by us, I mean the United States and out constant chase of the stupidest product ever thought of and created. Just watch...

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Movie Trailer: Argo

While I was slightly thrown off by the sudden change in voice in the trailer, I'm guessing this is going to be a good film. While I wasn't as high on The Town as a lot of other people were, I still think Affleck knows his way around a camera...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New HBO Aaron Sorkin Show: Newsroom

I picture Aaron Sorkin running around his house naked with a giant erection high fiving scantily clad models every time he writes a scenery chewing scene for Jeff Daniels...

Of course, that doesn't mean I'm not going to watch this.

One of the Cooler Things You'll Ever See

Honestly, it's one of the cooler things I've posted here - it should at least make up for all the Killing recaps I've written...

Done images from the Cassinni and Voyager satellites - this time lapse shows the majesty of space. In a way you've probably never seen.

If Kubrick's 2001 ended with this, I think I would have enjoyed it.

Thanks to Discover Magazine.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cool Shit

Sometimes I tell myself I really want to get to Australia at some point, and then I read articles like this one.

Great article on one of the principals of the book Born to Run. Well, actually not so much about him...more about how they had to find him. I don't want to give anything away, but you don't even have to be interested in running to enjoy the read.

Ok...time to get political! You may or may not know about the dangers of growth hormone additives in milk, and this video isn't really about that. It's about how corporations can control the information we see - and how there's not a lot we can do about it. Yes, it's about FOX News, but that's not really the point. I don't care who the companies are that are involved...

Not sure if I posted this before in a Cool Shit post, and I'm way too lazy to go back and check...the British show Luther is something you might want to check out...especially if you loved Stringer Bell from the Wire (specifically the actor, Idris Elba). Luther is about a British detective who can barely keep his personal life out of his professional life. Honestly, if you like police procedurals and British accents, you're going to love it. It's streaming on Netflix too...

And finally, I recently found out that David Simon has taken up blogging. Don't know who David Simon is? Shame on you. Regardless, I think you'll find his musings provocative and interesting, and, whether you agree with them or not, it's all still a good read.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Slip n Slide Craziness

Next to trampoline mishaps, slip n slide videos are my favorite thing on Youtube (aside form this, of course). So I figured what better way to help people through their Tuesday with a small sampling of what's out there...

Best Neighborhood ever...

Don't think I haven't been scouting locales to put this in my neighborhood.

"Definitely have to pull that pool over."


Not sure the face plant is the worst problem for this guy...

Um, what is going on?

Ok, as best as I can make this out (because the person shooting the video can't be bothered to rotate their phone 90 degrees to attain a better aspect ratio I guess) the girl on the tarp is holding on to a rope being towed by an ATV 8 feet into a pool, witnessed by bikini laden chicks and surprisingly, something goes wrong. Oh and I assume the ATV driver is doing all of this in hopes of an orgy.

This dad is awesome...

Probably one of the reasons my wife won't allow me to put a slip n slide on our yard.

Give the kids an opportunity...

And this is probably one of the reasons why my parents never built a pool in our backyard.

Head first? 

The video wasn't that great, but I dare you not to be singing this song throughout the day. Especially if, coincidentally, you happen to find yourself on a waterside or work at a watermark.

Slip n slide done right...

And finally, a classic...

Ron, you (and your friends) are heroes to many of us out here.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Covers: 7 Nation Army

Covers is a new series of posts looking at a song and the covers it produces. The good, the bad, the weird...all will be looked at.

I'm not sure why I'm not a bigger fan of the White Stripes. I like blues. I like the modern take on blues. And I'm a sucker for a showman with talent. I mean, I do enjoy most of the stuff I hear, so I guess it's more of a "musical saturation," theory. While I enjoy finding new music, and will never not explore it, we all have bands that we miss or skip for whatever reason, and decide never to go back - even when we know we're missing out.

The brain is a funny thing.

Regardless of my feelings, I do appreciate their ability and talent. And I do like the song 7 Nation Army. Sufficiently strange enough to stick out on the banal, mass produced pop songs on the radio airwaves, 7NA always seemed to be that song that mixed things up...

It's immediately recognizable, driving riff, which sounds like a bass (but who would be playing it in a 2 person rock band?) is actually not a bass at all. Given tons of critical acclaim, the song is easily one of the most recognizable White Stripes song out there.

And yet, I don't think it's the best version of the song.

Now, I realize that is a dangerous thing to say. Cover songs should never be better than the original material because (at least in my thinking) original creation is more difficult. So for a cover song to be better, that has to be saying something.

(And I also realize that all of this, at the end of the day, has to deal with personal opinion. Best of lists, and awards are only based on the whim of people. There simply can never be something considered the Best of anything, because, as I'm sure you are aware, there will always be someone out there on the other side of the opinion. And that person is never wrong. Opinion can't be wrong. So at the end of the day, this is just my take. But of course, I'm right.)

But seriously, this cover of 7 Nation Army is by Nostalgia 77, featuring Alice Russell is awesome...

To me, both Nostalgia 77 and Alice Russell took this song and delivered something completely different than what The White Stripes did...something more soulful, meaningful and passionate.

But there of course are other versions of this narrow them down I've created some categories (all from research on Youtube:

Fewest views
Artist you would never in a million years think they would do it

So without further adieu...

Countrified: The Oakridge Boys

Artist you would never in a million years think they would do it :Kelly Clarkson

Fewest Views: Squirrel Tooth Alice

Weirdest: Afra and Incredible Beatbox Band


And then just a few more, because I couldn't classify them but I thought they sounded kinda cool...

Singer/Songwriter: Kate Nash

Soulful: Ben L'Oncle

And finally one more - and I dare you to listen to the whole thing, all the way through (I couldn't):

Oh Oh Oh!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Killing: Days 14 & 15

Like all of you at the end of last year’s final episode of The Killing, I wanted to strangle a plant. Led down a path that suggested we would know who killed Rosie Larsen by season’s end, instead we were given nothing but a pile of red herrings – and I don’t even like fish. In a nutshell, (and from my shoddy memory) we had to deal with:

Richmond, an idealistic mayoral candidate revealing a startling dark side involving underage hookups

Richmond then being shot by Belko Royce, a friend of the Larsens who also has a criminal past and a wee bit of instability

Detective Holder’s redemptive arc throughout the season destroyed in the last 30 seconds to get a cheap thrill out of the audience, planting evidence to suggest the creep Richmond, while still a creep, might not be the murderer.

Linden getting yet another excuse not to go to California.

(I think the last one was the worst, simply because the California plotline dragged everything it touched down to the ground completely, with no rhyme or reason to exist. Seriously, why did this murder investigation need the back drop of Linden potentially moving to California? Also, it set it up so early in the season that we knew she was never going to go – she was the star of the series! It offered no dramatic tension whatsoever.

It was all of those reasons, and many more (the terrorism angle one episode had! The teacher who didn’t kill Rosie Larsen but was involved in immigrant smuggling, but then got beat up and wait where is he now? The Larsen’s grief that played out in real time on the show! Etc.) that made me so frustrated with the show. Gone was the eerie suspense the pilot episode created; in its place came a combination of an average Law and Order episode (pick anyone sans Jerry Orbach) a bad Choose Your Own Adventure Novel (not the Bigfoot one though).

But, in the end, I decided to come back to The Killing’s universe…some because I’ve invested enough of my time to want to see how they’re going to piece together a storyline that leads to Rosie Larsen’s killer, but mostly because my choice for the killer is suddenly back in play. Yes, that’s right I have been given a stay of execution to continue harping on Tom Drexler as being the killer! Obviously last year, when we all thought the season finale would give us closure on the murder investigation, it wasn’t looking good for Tom being the big bad guy, since he was on screen for a total of about 12 seconds. But now that we have another entire season to play around with and sculpt a trail right to his basketball court, I can’t see any reason not to list him as the prime suspect. At least until next week, when he’s shot.

…but I just couldn’t recap the 2 hour premiere (which was really just two episodes played back to back. Oh sure, I watched, and dutifully took notes, but in the end when I sat down to write, I realized I couldn’t get into it. It was taking too long to go into too much detail about stuff that was too boring and not important. Because what has happened is they have completely backed themselves into a corner, introducing the conspiracy angle. We now have 12 more episodes to trod through to get to the answer, and knowing that, we also can assume the first 6 episodes are designed to throw us off the track of finding out who the real murderer is. And knowing that doesn’t make me feel like writing too much about it. So instead of the all too in-depth recaps I normally throw out there, I’m going to layout some stray observations/feelings/throughts about the first two hours. After that, I’ll reassess my state of mind and see what I’m up for…

DAYS 14 & 15


He’s in the hospital, paralyzed. We have been led to believe both that he did it, and then didn’t do it. Of course, now that he’s been cleared of Rosie’s murder (because he was going to commit suicide to honor his wife or something) I now have to ask what his value is to the show? Why should I care about his character? I just want to know who killed Rosie, and now that he’s apparently off the list of suspects, I don’t care about his plight. Yes, I understand that peripherally, he’s still involved, now that we know his opponent, the current mayor had at least something to do in framing him (something that is so stupid, since to be framed, they had to know about his hooker history, and seriously, wouldn’t leaking that be enough to ruin him?) so I guess he’ll be along for the wheelchair ride to close up that plotline. But other than that, the guy is a creep (remember, he’s been visiting hookers and asking if they know what it’s like to drown) but not enough of a creep to murder a hooker.


The Conspiracy.

It’s good at least that we know one of the moving parts behind it (the current mayor). Of course, I’m sure that’s not the really big moving piece behind it. But I’m also willing to bet there will come a point during the show where we find out the mayor (and his cronies) simply took advantage of the situation of Rosie’s murder, and didn’t actually have her killed. I realize this doesn’t make too much sense right now (since Rosie’s body was found in a campaign car of Richmond) but if it simply comes out that this was a convoluted plot by the mayor to win the election, well…it’s stupid. The other stuff that is stupid: How deep this conspiracy goes…meaning it seems the entire Seattle police department is in on it, save like 3 people. And I have no idea what to make of the new lieutenant. Is he there to keep the conspiracy going? Is he there to clean up a corrupt police force? Is he good or bad? All of his actions are mired in a stew of ambiguity and ambivalence.

The Larsens.

Mitch isn’t there, so now we get to watch domestic life with Stan and Terry, Mitch’s sister. It’s not all that different, unfortunately. Oh and I almost forgot, remember when Stan was arrested and all that? Yeah, neither do the writers. Rosie’s backpack shows up and Stan is all “Yikes!” at least enough to get his old crew back in the picture (which I’m sure will go smoothly) and badmouth the cops…oh and get Belko killed. Yeah, that’s right. Belko commits suicide after talking to Stan. Presumably (and this is me presuming, but I could be way off base) because he was looking for Stan’s approval of shooting Richmond and taking the law into his own hands. Only Stan doesn’t give him the approval he’s looking for. So he shoots himself. Which pushes Stan down the road of taking the law into his own hands. The logic has the twists and turns of a pretzel. A gross, sewer laden pretzel. That was left out in the rain.


I’m shocked she didn’t go to California!

I’m also shocked at some of the decisions she is currently making. Mostly to do with her son. I’m counting down the episodes to when she finally just ships Jack off to his father’s so we can be rid of this boring, do nothing plotline. It has to be coming soon, right? Please tell me.

Anyhoo, Linden sorta kinda bullies her way back on the case with the new lieutenant by the show’s end, which yeah, I didn’t get it either. But there’s a lot I don’t get with this show, and by this point I’m just following along trying to figure out if it will start making sense again soon. So Linden is back in Seattle, for good, trying to solve a case and also find a place for Jack to hang out, that’s not a hotel room. Along the way she peels away a couple layers of the conspiracy onion (great band name suggestion – thank me in the liner notes please) and figures out that Holder’s sponsor, Gil Sloane, has at least something to do with framing Richmond. Of course, in the process, we realize the onion has many many layers, as while she is surreptitiously following Gil Sloane meet up with the mayor’s advisor at the waterfront construction area, she is being surreptitiously followed and photographed. By who we have no idea.


Holder is the small fish who thinks he’s big. And his bowl is about to get a lot smaller. I’m glad to see he’s not really a big part of the conspiracy, only a pawn that is being moved around on the conspiracy chessboard. Because, while it would have been a ballsy move to make him be more involved, it also would have cheated the audience out of the satisfaction we got from his redemptive arc last season. Holder is currently the most interesting thing The Killing has going for it, and to destroy that for a cheap thrill would have been lousy.

Still, we have to wade through some pretty awful stuff to get where we are right now. While Holder knew the picture was doctored, he also thought it was just a nail that was needed to ensure the real killer was caught. Also, he wanted a promotion. But now there are pieces that aren’t adding up, and he’s starting to question his role in the whole thing. Unfortunately for him, that’s not how things are supposed to work. First, his lieutenant turns on him. Then, his sponsor turns on him. But the final straw comes when Linden turns on him. Holder’s always in a state of fragility, and this realization that he has screwed up isn’t going to help his psyche.

So there you have it. A mish mash of nothing that has pretty much caught us up on the murder investigation (or lack thereof) that has introduced a conspiracy that at the moment, seems like it’s being run by the current mayor to ensure a victory and get his waterfront property deal through. Of course, I suspect there will be one or two other reveals to suggest he is nothing more than a minor player in the whole thing and that Rosie’s killer is not who we think it is right now. Unless you think it’s Tom Drexler. Because that’s who I think it is. And it’s obvious that a bigger player has to be involved since the conspiracy runs deep.

Pac Man: The Movie

I think I would pay to see this...

I'd of course rather it be Ms. Pac Man, a much superior game than Pac Man, but beggars can't be choosers.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

These Kids are More Talented Than You...

...and me of course. But that goes without saying.

Hopefully we're seeing the next Shane Blacks, and not the next Michael Bays. Time will tell...

Rear Window from the Window...

Even if you're not a fan of Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window, I think you'll be impressed with the following video.

And if you are a big fan...well you're in for a treat.

Check out Gizmodo's post, which goes into a little more detail about how this was done.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Foggy Chicago

It's difficult to explain the fog in Chicago if you haven't experienced it firsthand. Rolling down some streets while others remain sunny, it's a crazy phenomena.

This video goes a long way to showing it off...

Monday, March 26, 2012

Juggling done right...

Sure, you might think to yourself, I've seen juggling acts before, and they're nothing special. Or maybe you've never seen a juggling act because you've thought to yourself, yeah, I don't think I can sit through a juggling act and be entertained.

Well, give this one at least one minute, and I'll be surprised if you don't stick around for the whole thing.