Friday, May 29, 2015

Cool Shit 5/29

What keeps Bill Gates up at night. It's obvious he's put a lot of time into this. So maybe start washing your hands more everyone?

40th Anniversary of Jaws means it's getting a limited re-release. No idea why it's limited. This thing should go out wide!

Lego X-Files!

Fantasy beer league. It's a little confusing to me (though the article plainly states how simple it is), because I don't understand the idea of the draft. Why not just bring beers you think will win the matchup each month? That way there's at least an element of surprise for everyone.

This situation  stinks. I realize that Allen Ginsburg's work can be provocative, but I don't think that means it should be simply eliminated from classrooms...high school classrooms. Firing a teacher for teaching something like this is extreme, and the censorship it indirectly supports should frighten us. Heaven forbid the concept of sexualized love (i guess because it was homosexual) is mentioned in an academic setting.

Looking at the state of television and what it takes to survive in a landscape that is never stable.

How we got the Honeycrisp apple.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Cool Shit 5/28

You'd think some of these Marvel superheroes would have killed a bunch more people, but have to realize, at the end of the day, it's comic books we're talking about.

Another preview of the summer television season, although this one is extremely comprehensive.

And then here's an article predicting which five new fall shows are going to be hits. If I were a betting man, I'd bet against all five.

How did the empire construct a second Death Star so much quicker than the first? This gives some sound economic theory as to why, but I think another possibility is that they were being built concurrently - or more specifically the plan wasn't to rule the galaxy with one Death Star, but with many, and so the construction started with multiple projects.

Wow, watching this trailer for a David Foster Wallace movie, I'm not sure if I should be excited or offended by it. I can appreciate people wanting to bring this to the screen, but I'm not sure you can capture the complexities of the man in a simple two hour film.

Apparently breaking down a ship is extremely dangerous and expensive. So you take them to Bangladesh!

Aside from the melodramatic headline that David Duchovny "cried" when he read the latest X-Files script, there's some more information here about the show.

More Serial news - apparently they are currently producing two narratives, so there won't be as long a wait between season two and season 3.

Chuck Palahniuk on writing the Fight Club 2 comic book. I still think it's really not a good idea.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cool Shit 5/27

I get that remakes are big business because it guarantees name recognition but seriously, this new version of Point Break obviously has no idea what made the original work. And that's a shame, because I do think a remake is possible, and I do think it could work with the extreme sports that they have shoehorned in here in order to attract a younger audience. As an aside, the guy playing Bodhi? That's just not going to work.

Drone footage from Antarctica:

On one hand, a live action Jonny Quest movie could be cool. On the other hand it's being helmed by Robert Rodriguez, which means it probably won't be. To cheer you up, read about my love for the show here.

What it takes to be a truck driver.

Read a firsthand account of the last Letterman show from one of the writers.

It used to be that summer was a wasteland for television, but that's not the case these days. The season is warming up with new shows.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Cool Shit 5/26

A trailer for the new season of Hannibal is out; please be aware that it contains spoilers based on last season's finale. Also be aware that the article, in describing the fact that the trailer has spoilers, seemingly spoils the show itself. It's kind of amazing actually.

A deeper look into Disney theme parks.

The 40th season of SNL is over. Here's a list of the best sketches from the year.

Planning a trip to a nude beach soon? Remember, there's an etiquette. Don't be the nude noob.

I feel like this interview with Art Garfunkel solidifies the idea that he is a tad bitter about his partner's success. I also enjoyed his Paul McCartney barb, and his suggestion that he would do a Simon & Garfunkel reunion tour. Something tells me Mr. Simon isn't going to be lunging for the phone to call him.

Creepy stories from mysterious islands.

While not exactly timely, these facts about Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade are at least interesting.

Thunderstorms seen from space:

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Cool Shit 5/21

David Simon is bringing another show to HBO this summer.

Wait, Bin Laden was a 9/11 truther? This changes everything!

Seriously though, there's been a bunch of recent Bin Laden news coming out, from the new idea that he wasn't killed the way the US Government told us he was, to the US Government releasing a bunch of information on him. Read up on that here.

So yeah, apparently Bjork threw together a surprise DJ gig at the Tri Angle Records 5th Anniversary party. Check out the setlist here, or trip your balls/boobs off with the set right here...

Almost paper-thin wallpaper television screens? Take my money!

More evidence that no one really knows how to tell the different between expensive and cheap wine...

Tomorrowland opens tomorrow. But you can read about the city that inspired it today.

Just remember, when at that voting booth, it's not always a simple question between Republican vs. Democrat. Meet Zoltan Istvan, he of the Transhumanist party.

Enjoy mountain climbing/hiking stories? I haven't read it all yet, but it has piqued my curiosity, so I share it with you.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cool Shit 5/20

This article says there are nine questions you may be too afraid to ask about the Illuminati. But I might suggest every question you might ask about the organization that runs the world might invoke some level of fear.

Oh good, something called "Spider Rain" exists. And it's exactly what t sounds like.

Speaking of creepy things coming from the sky...what's with all the weird, mysterious noises?

I never wanted to have a remake of Point Break, and now this description of it only fuels my rage. I get that calling this a remake of the first will possibly get some fans of the original into the theater, but enough to make it financially successful? It sounds nothing like the original. And it also sounds stupid.

Lando making a comeback in the Star Wars universe?

Want to be a billionaire or something? Start with Bill Gates' summer reading list.

Late night innovation that began with David Letterman.

The potential ugliness of traveling faster than light.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cool Shit 5/19

A look at some of vacation destinations around the world that may not live up to expectations.

Big news for all you Serial (and Adnan innocenters) fans.

An oral history of Industrial Light and Magic.

A great look at the art of the car chase in cinema.

So it seems the NY Post is now running Women's Health articles. Which is great especially since this one will tell you how to achieve a threesome.

I want to get my hands on secret cookies cooked by Spanish nuns!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Cool Shit 5/18

For all you Beatles fans, some youtube videos have been released...

If you want to get into the mood for season 2 of True Detective, start out with some Ross MacDonald novels.

So Mark Danielewski has a new book out. If you're unfamiliar with his work that probably won't mean much. But if you are familiar with him, you know exactly what you're in for, which something different than simply reading a book. I can't tell you whether that's a good or bad thing.

This is a story of an old mansion in New York, turned into an artists' haven then being sold for a bazillion dollars. And now you have one chance to see it before it most likely turns into apartments.

Why not do a little body hacking and change your body? Everybody's doing it!

People are talking about Louis C.K.'s monologue from SNL the other night:

Friday, May 15, 2015

Cool Shit 5/15

Ranking the pop tarts.

New trailer for True Detective, Season 2:

This new SuperGirl series looks horrendous.

Seems like the new Mad Max movie is going to be good.

Read the story behind each of the Beatles' album covers. 

The conspiracy behind the NBA's first lottery draft. 

Want to save money online? These 10 websites are a great place to start.

It seems crazy to think about a spot in the ocean where countries basically crash their no longer needed spacecraft.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Cool Shit 5/14

More drone footage...this of the city of Buenos Aires.

I don't know... Guillermo del Toro's name invokes such a reaction that I think collectively we get caught up in the moment whenever he releases something. So far this Crimson Peak trailer doesn't look at that much of everything people are purporting it to be.

Radiohead mixing their new album which means it could be out next year or tomorrow.

Interview with David Letterman.

Is Netflix going to bring back Top Gear?

Oh sure, you might think it's just open access to delicious icy treats, but driving an ice cream truck is so much more than that.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Cool Shit 5/13

Are these the best cars used in great movie chases? Fuck, they're hardly the best movie chases.

What it's like to be a female truck driver

The ten most expensive paintings in history. Until tomorrow or something.

National Geographic photo contests are always interesting to look at.

When one multi-billionaire suggests another multi-billionaire has the potential to do something crazy, I get nervous. Because it seems to me the one multi-billionaire is just trying to get the attention away from his own crazy thing.

Top futurists predict the next ten years. Who knows if they took into account global domination by multi-billionaires. 

Get yourself ready for the new Mad Max movie.

Prometheus 2 sounds even stupider than ever, if that can be possible.

The Muppets have a new television show coming out in the's a trailer:

Monday, May 11, 2015

Cool Shit 5/11

In the sports journalism world, Bill Simmons leaving ESPN was big news on Friday. Here's a great summary of what most likely happened to cause the split.

I have to believe Glen Beck is simply an entertainer, creating bizarre yet entertaining performance art pieces. I refuse, for my sanity, to believe there are people who sincerely believe things like this:

If you're really into Aphex Twin music, this is for you.

Captain Kidd pirate treasure found?

It's college graduation speech season! What better way to kick it off than with these historic graduation speeches?

These "best" Whose Line Is It Anyway sketches are great, but can't truly be considered the best because none of the British shows are included. I implore you to head over to youtube and watch some of those - the American ones often immediately go for the gag, while the British ones build to the joke. It's fin to see the different nuances between the two. Also, there is no greater host than Clive.

Letterman's last days are upon us... you know, before he became the Carson for the X Generation, Letterman's late night show was just... weird. And different. And something that a lot of people were influenced by. And the feuds he created, or fueled are a little reminder of that weirdness.

It's always good when three influential groups of a creative endeavor can't seemingly agree on how to end that endeavor. Yay, Game of Thrones!

So, Lucas wanted to make episode 7 with a bunch of teenagers. You know, because he did so well with the prequels.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Cool Shit 5/8

It's television renew/cancellation season. See what's going to come back - and what isn't.

Seriously, a meteor could hit us RIGHT NOW and there's apparently nothing we could do about it.

The impact of humanity on the planet, in chart form. Warning, it gets depressing. Also, I doubt we will stop our current trending.

Science fiction writers predict our future. Not sure why they have any more credence than the rest of us, but whatever.

Cannes is happening and movies are getting buzz.

Sense8, the new Netflix series from the Wachowski siblings has a trailer. Frankly, this looks horrendous.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Cool Shit 5/7

Amusement parks are always looking for ways to outdo competitors, and stretching the boundaries of roller coasters is an easy way to do that. Hershey Park now has what they're describing as a "Fun House Roller Coaster," which seems more like the acid trip from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Take a look...

Relive the filth of the nineties through concert band shirts.

Now NASA is getting in on the Mars stuff. Of course I trust them a little more than the fly-by-night companies trying to get there.

Paul Feig, he of Freaks and Geeks fame, has a space comedy out you can watch on Yahoo.

Enjoy some of the Easter Eggs that were in Avengers: Age of Ultron:

Greatest news ever? Nick Arcade is trying to make a comeback. And they're doing it right by having Phil Moore involved!

The problems I have with some conspiracy theories is when, after the so called event comes around uneventfully, or doesn't even happen, the perpetrators of said conspiracy don't offer a mea culpa. I'd be much more open to at least listening if they had the dignity to at least admit occasionally they were wrong. So let's go out there - when Texas isn't taken over by the US Military during the Jade Helm Conspiracy, can we get an apology?

Seems like the crew in Interstellar just had bad luck not running into an inhabitable planet out there. Stupid Matt Damon.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Cool Shit 5/6

Grooveshark, a music service that was skating by on the fringes of legality, recently shut it self down. But as is the case with just about everything in an internet world, it is not dead.

Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black redid the song my mom and I danced to at my wedding? How can I not share?

I love stairs.

Amazon for stolen identities.

Oh good, a new Indiana Jones sequel is confirmed, being as the the last one was so good.

A chilling account of one man's descent into darkness at the Big Buck Hunter championship.

Let's just say when I explore attics, I don't find stuff like this.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cool Shit 5/5

Blowing up a Lego Star Destroyer. Because we can:

The next Star Wars movie rumored to be in the pipeline? A Boba Fett origin story. Wonder how much of the clone stuff they will carry over from the prequel movies. Hopefully none if they want to make this thing any good.

Speaking of Star Wars, here are some photos that will only get you more excited for the next movie coming out.

This just in! Soda is really bad for you.

Just pointing a telescope into the dark regions of the universe will tell us so much.

So Avengers: Age of Ultron made a shit ton of money. But is it any good? Personally, I think it missed the mark. I thought Ultron was not nearly fleshed out enough (pun intended) wasting the likes of James Spader. I thought it was disjointed in a number of different ways that hurt the movie's logic (why would Ultron care again about the twins?). To me, it seemed the parts between the three battle scenes should have gone through another dozen rewrites. I thought the Hawkeye stuff was Whedon basically hooking him up after the short shrift he was given in the first one, a terrible reason in itself. And I feel that this is the movie that is going to start the talk about "superhero movie fatigue." I wish Whedon had spent more time with it, because as it stands right now, it was messy.

I can never get enough of these videos... natural waterslide:

Monday, May 4, 2015

Cool Shit 5/4

Need to get to sleep fast? Use science!

I've got to get more involved in the maple syrup black market.

Miles Davis seems like a interesting fellow. At least toward Steve Miller.

Everyone seems to be talking about these new Tesla batteries. Here's what you need to know.

A deeper look into what happened after the avalanche on Mt. Everest.

Best boxing movie? It's Diggstown. Hands down. Or maybe up, depending on your boxing ability.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Cool Shit 5/1

Another take on the 2015 Summer movie season.

What does it truly mean to be a human cannonball?

A Lego documentary that goes into why people like Legos so much. Because they're awesome I guess.

The reason the movie Cube worked was because of the innovation needed to make it due to a limited budget. The acting was by no means great, but you could forgive it based on the interesting premise. A remake would probably mean a bigger budget, but with that comes bigger expectations, and therefore more cooks in the kitchen. I don't have high hopes.

The Hubble Telescope is an incredible piece of technology, offering us a look out into the universe and beyond sometimes. But it is old, and probably won't last much longer. It's time for an upgrade.

For fans of Serial, a new podcast is coming that will explore true-life mysteries.

Ever wonder what a Flaming Moe really tastes like?