Friday, April 8, 2011

New Beastie Boys Album, film short coming soon

Hot Sauce Committee: Part 2, The Beastie Boys latest album, is coming out May 3rd. Don't ask me about Part 1, the story is too convoluted to get into. You can listen to the single, "Make Some Noise," here.

In addition to the album, they are also releasing a 30 minute film to go along with it, that possibly tells the story of what happened the day after the infamous party from the music video Fight for Your Right to Party. Here's the trailer...

I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't concerned about what's going on in this trailer. Cameos of famous people are always welcome in my book, but this may prove to be the exception to that rule. Obviously it's just a trailer and can't tell the entire story, but I'm worried too much time was spent casting, and not enough time was spent rehearsing. I mean, I cringed even when Elijah Wood limp-wristed the beer can throw.

From what I can gather (and admittedly could be very wrong), the Beastie Boys leave the party and run into their future selves, who are a bunch of pricks. And then...a dance off is involved?

Silly dancing by famous actors has it's place. I'm just not sure if it's here. I hope I'm wrong; I hope this is awesome; and I also hope everyone doesn't simply slobber all over it because it's the Beastie Boys and they have a stellar track record of producing and creating cool things. There is no bigger fan than I when it comes to the Beastie Boys; I believe I can confidently say that. I was one of the four people that picked up Paul's Boutique the day it came out (red cassette represent). There's no revisionist Beastie Boy history with me, nor did I fall off the bandwagon in the late 80s and climb back on with Check Your Head. I was there at the beginning. The cookie crumbs were making me itch in the 80s and scratched them the entire time. So maybe I'm just adding too much expectation to everything they do.

But it's not a great mystery or secret that concepts can be better than the execution. I'm just really hoping that's not the case here.

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Cline said...

Did Dick Clark pass the non-aging talisman to Elijah Wood?

We got a GOB reference and a More Cowbell reference, but where was the Brown Bunny reference?