Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Cool Shit 7/7

This is most likely how the machine uprising starts, born out of the hubris of humans challenging each other with slave robots in a fighting pit. The science-fiction novel writes itself.

Enjoy a 6,000 FPS video of a 143 MPH serve:

I was always a Paul guy. I felt like he got shortchanged (as much as that's possible within the Beatles) because few gave him credit for being the force that held the Beatles together as long as they were together. In fact, most of what he says in this interview, I agree with. I just wish he didn't actually come out and say it, since it seems as though he's bothered enough by it that he has to let people know about dirty laundry and petty squabbled that happened over 50 years ago.

Travel a lot but don't have access to wi-fi in airports? Try these simple tricks.

I haven't tried Apple Music yet, but everything I've read so far has made it seem somewhat confusing. Therefore, these tips should help users out.

Didn't Barbarella already answer this?

My dad once told me, as we were sitting and watching Wimbledon coverage on HBO back in the day, after I suggested I would like to go to Wimbledon some day, that "you'd have a better chance getting in as a player than as a spectator." While I doubt that's really true, the allure and prestige of the tournament sometimes makes it feel that way. This article does little to change that perception.

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