Monday, November 3, 2008

The Good...the Bad...the Beautiful #25


It's ok, the porn doesn't really come - but the comedy does.

Bad and Beautiful on the flip side...


Really? This is what passes as funny on youtube? Maybe we should throw out the first amendment.


Wait - hold up on throwing out the first amendment, because we may have missed something like this.


kchop said...

So, i was sitting across the room from cline when he viewed the fainting dog clip, and i asked him what he was giggling endlessly about. He told me to check out this post. So the next day when i watched the fake porn one, i thought, "gee, cline laughs a long time at things that are ok funny but really kinda lame. huh." [insert joke here about how that's actually true, even if this particular incidence was a silly misunderstanding]. Anywho, google "fainting goat" and check out some more animal narcelepsy (sp?).

Goose said...

As long as he wasn't laughing at the extreme toothbrushing all is ok.

DefinitelyNotCline said...

I loved the toothbrush one. Strong bit.