Saturday, November 1, 2008

Week 9 NFL Picks with Goose - World Fucking Champions!

Apologies for not having these picks out on Friday, but with the Phillies winning the World Series, schedules go out the window. By 10:30 AM Friday, I was Schlitzed up and looking for a place to urinate in a crowd of 2 million. But that's a story for a fetish pay site and not this wholesome, family blog. Just shoot me an email and $4 and you can have the whole sordid, sexy story.

Anyway, as I was saying, it was just impossible for me to get my picks up yesterday. But that doesn't mean I'm going to shirk my responsibility and give you nothing! No, I'm taking time out of my busy weekend of doing nothing to update this blog and post my picks. And while I had a bit of a stumble last week, I'm still turning a profit (with the juice on there as well) and I'm not looking to stop now.

I realize of course, though that there are plenty of you who still are a little skeptical of my pics, and I can certainly understand that. In fact, I ran into a regular reader last week who point blank said, "no one is reading your sites for your NFL picks." While it stung tremendously, and I contemplated jumping off a cliff (a small one, but still) I could see where he had a point. While we here at The Popcorn Trick enjoy sports, they're are few people who look at us as gambling experts. Though our records say otherwise, it's not easy to change that public perception.

And I'm not going to start here. Sure, I could give you a bunch of meaningless stats that make it look like I've done a lot of research to come to my conclusions, but that would be disingenuous. Therefore I've decided to take a different approach to encourage you to read my chicks.

That's right, I am labeling each game based on a famous celebrity (or famous hot character in a movie) so that you may enjoy at least looking at my picks a little more. It's the least I could do.

I hope you enjoy this kind of research more than the stats. I know I certainly have.

On the flip side, the picks - and the ladies...

As always, picks are CAPITALIZED and bold.

The Bijou Phillips Game

Jets @ BUFFALO -4.5

Here it is week 9 and it still seems like people are waiting for Buffalo to fall apart. I don't think they're going to fall apart. I think they have a good, solid squad that gets them into the playoffs. Once in the playoffs, it might be a different story, like they're just kinda glad they got there. But they're not going to be ready for that level. In fact, I'm gonna say they'll even be surprised at what gets thrown at them.

You know, kinda like Bijou Phillips in Havoc. If you've seen it, you know what I mean. If you haven't, it out and fast forward to about 57 minutes in. You'll see what I mean then. And please don't ask me what I thought of the movie. I've only seen about 4 minutes of it in total.

The Catherine Martin Game

DETROIT @ Chicago -9

I'm pretty sure I'd rather be stuck down in a well with the Senator's daughter than be subjected to this game.

I'm 99% Brooke Smith played Catherine Martin in Silence of the Lambs, but after looking at her bio page, I had to triple check. This is the same woman? She's a chameleon!

The Megyn Price Game (aka The Sit-com Wife Game)

JACKSONVILLE -7 @ Cincinnati

You know the drill. Funny, unattractive men always seem to have a sitcom wife they'd never pull in real life. Grounded for Life was no exception. Of course, because everyone knew this, producers tried to make it at least somewhat plausible. Ergo Donal Logue didn't marry Courtney Cox, he married Megyn Price. That's Jacksonville. They're not going to do anything flashy, or surprise anyone, but they're professional, have a good coach and know what they're doing. Right now they're plugging on, attempting to keep its head above water long enough to make a run into and then through the playoffs. Cincinnati is trying to...well I'm not sure what it's trying to do.

The Kristen Wiig Game

Baltimore -3 @ CLEVELAND

At first glance, Cleveland doesn't look like the good pick here. It seems unconventional. But in the NFL, unconventional is oftentimes the way to go. It's the same with Kristen Wiig. Sure, she doesn't get the "ohmygod she's beautiful" comments, but that means you're looking past her. And that's when you realize you're an idiot.

This just feels like a game Cleveland is going to win. Cleveland showed everyone a few weeks ago they're not as bad as people made them out to be. That every other week they have mede themselves out to be as bad as everyone thought they were is besides the point. I'm taking the frisky team hear at home. And I'm taking Kristen Wiig to be frisky. With Amy Poehler gone, she better be, or you're gonna hear the cyclical "SNL should be cancelled" comments real soon.

The Rhea Perlman Game

Tampa Bay @ KANSAS CITY -10.5

I love Carla Tortelli and everything but let's face it, when you're faced with a number of women and one of them happens to be Rhea Perlman, she's going to be at the bottom of the list. Doesn't that feel like Kansas City's season to this point? And it's not like there's a huge population of people begging for Tampa Bay to be on national television every week (thank god). In fact, watching this game might be what it's like when a peeping tom stumbles across the Devito household's bedroom window.

The Jessica Alba Game

Houston @ MINNESOTA -1.5

I'm going to get torched for this one...but you know how the guys in your high school drooled over the head cheerleader, and you looked at her and wondered why everyone thought she was all that? No? Well then you were one of the guys drooling and I feel bad for you. Seriously, Alba doesn't do it for me. I'm not saying she's not stunningly attractive, I just don't think she is anything special than all the other "it" girls that have come and gone in Hollywood. Sort of like Minnesota. It seems that before the season people were jumping on the Minnesota bandwagon, simply because Adrian Peterson had a great first year. But what else did they have? A below average quarterback and a decent defense. Enough to get out of the division? Time will tell...

All that said, I'm still taking them this week. Houston on the road? I'm not an idiot.

The Jennifer Aniston Game

Arizona -9 @ ST. LOUIS

I'm guessing every day Aniston goes out the door she wants to make Brad Pitt jealous. I know she's supposedly moved on, but think about it. When she was with Pitt she was #1. She most likely pranced around figuring there was nothing she couldn't have or get. On top of the world, beautiful, no way did she see Pitt leaving her. In fact, there was only one chance he would have - unfortunately that happened. Seriously, as beautiful as Aniston is, I've yet to run into anyone (male that is) that blames Pitt for leaving her for Jolie. Amazing.

Kurt Warner is going back to play the team he took to the Super Bowl. I bet he didn't think after that historic run there'd be any way this current situation would come to fruition. Let's see how he plays it. Does he cover the points, or try to make everyone jealous by hooking up with a somewhat popular male guitarist in hopes of making everyone in St. Louis jealous. Or, well you know what I mean. St. Louis isn't Jolie (they're not even Jolie's brother at this point) but I don't see them folding up shop just yet.

The Angelina Jolie Game

Green Bay -1.5 @ TENNESSEE

Speaking of Jolie, she's still the diamond standard right? Quick, name someone universally sought after as the sexiest person in the world right now. Sure, you'll get some wildcard answers, but average it all out and it has to be Jolie, right? Well, that's Tennessee in the NFL. I don't see how Green Bay can be favored on the road against an undefeated team, but Cline gets the lines, so I'll go with the big guns. Normally, I'd say the line is telling me something, but that hasn't helped me all year, so why should I keep listening?

The Cindy Crawford Game

Miami @ DENVER -4

Some people think she's lost a step. Whatever. She's beautiful and defying time as the years pass. Just like Denver. Ok, sure - she's not on top like she once was. She no longer adorns college dorm walls the way she did in the early 90s. She no longer sits on the bleachers of every male teens' fantasy spread eagled and ready to give into whatever fantasy your acne covered mind can conjour.

But she's still got it.

Mike Shanahan does too. And I'm not taking a Miami squad that has done nothing in Denver until I see something more out of them.

The Britney Spears Game

Dallas @ NY GIANTS -9

Big NFC matchup each team with a batshit insane receiver. Kinda like Britney Spears. Both are talented, and both are ready to blow their career up in any given second. Look for the Cowboys to get smoked and their Britney Spears to get even more crazy.

The Lindsay Lohan Game

Atlanta -6 @ OAKLAND

Sometimes she's a wreck; sometimes she's gorgeous. One minute she's dating Hollywood hunks; the next she's canoodling with lesbian DJs. I can't get a read on either of these teams, so I'm taking the home dog. But it wouldn't surprise me at all if I saw tomorrow Atlanta won 45 million to 3. Ok, it would be a little surprising, since that's physically impossible to do in 60 minutes of football, but I wouldn't be stunned.

The Paris Hilton/Nicole Richie Game

PHILADELPHIA -3.5 @ Seattle

These two coaches go way back, being two disciples of the Bill Walsh offense. Both in Green Bay, they then went on to coach different teams, all the while slowly morphing into the same person. In fact, you get Craig Stadtler in the same room with these two and you could film Multiplicity 2.

The Cheerleader from Heroes Game


As recently as a year ago, the only thing you could do to get away from the buzz of this game is call in Michael Caine:

Now all it takes is Jerry Seinfeld and some crappy animation:

What does that have to do with Heroes and more importantly the game? Not much, I just wanted to get a Michael Caine reference in here. Actually that's not entirely true...just like Heroes used to be awesome and now it's crappy, so is this matchup. But the show still has that hot cheerleader chick so people are going to watch. And this matchup still has Peyton Manning and bad blood, so people are going to watch. I just hope he can do enough to put this awfulness behind him:

Such promise. Such disappointment.

The Jennifer Garner Game

PITTSBURGH -1.5 @ Washington

Big time ass whooping for both teams. Both will look good doing it too. Bring your camera. This one's gonna be hot!

And no - I have no good reason to link this clip, but I doubt I'll hear complaints.


mndleftbod said...

hope you didn't step on any full PBR cans down there...if it was piss when I opened it, it was when i put it down...

Drew said...

Where the hell did you get GB -1.5. I see it opened at Tenn -5.5 and is at -4 right now. No wonder you guys are both over .500.

Goose said...

you have to play opening lines instead of Sunday lines, or you're letting the general public (who is clearly stupid) affect your gambling. C'mon - that's gambling 101.

drew said...

Agreed, but they are bogus lines. I'm looking at "Opening Lines" on

Your lines are way off on a number of games. I can understand when it moves from the opening lines, no problem. But Tenn/GB, NE/Indy, ATL/Oak (never been off -3), PHI/SEA, HOU/MIN are all at least 3 points off. From the opening line on Tuesday.

Maybe get a new lines source. Hey, i'm just trying to help your picking maintain the high level of respect they desevere and not let any naysayers shoot you down. I'm on board w/ Cline/Goose locks without question.

Cline said...

I've gotten the lines from's scoreboard page, usually on Wednesday or Thursday.

Also, it sounds like you may have a gambling problem.

gdr said...

Drew, I pitched scores & odds to Goose last week to no avail. The lines they're using are horrid. If they were valid I'd be a millionaire.

Goose said...

No you wouldn't. That's the whole point of this exercise. The only millionaires are the ones in Vegas.

I propose you post your picks using the lines we have next week. Go more than 11-5 and then we'll talk.

hendge said...

I just wanted to say that Megyn Price is hot. That is all ... carry on.

Goose said...

hot yes, but not top tier hot. Maybe like 3rd or 4th tier hot.

hmmm...I smell a blog post about hotness tiers...

Cline said...

Here are the lines we're using this week (taken from ESPN yesterday afternoon):

Denver at Cleveland (-1)
Tennessee (-2) at Chicago
Jacksonville (-5.5) at Detroit
Seattle at Miami (-8.5)
Green Bay (-1) at Minnesota
Baltimore (-3) at Houston
St. Louis at N.Y. Jets (-4.5)
New Orleans at Atlanta (PICK)
Buffalo (-3.5) at New England
Carolina (-7) at Oakland
Indianapolis at Pittsburgh (-1.5)
Kansas City at San Diego (-8)
N.Y. Giants at Philadelphia (PICK)
San Francisco at Arizona (-6.5)

Feel free to post your picks and see if you can out-above-average us.

I won't have a chance to do a full picks column before tonight's Browns/Broncos game, so here's my pick: CLEVELAND