Friday, November 21, 2008

Searching the pictures of Life

Google recently did an awesome thing by unlocking the vaults at Life and giving everyone access to their complete catalog of pictures. So we here at the Popcorn Trick decided it would be cool to occasionally search through them, giving them a whole new audience.

This week's search I figured I would make it something that's near and dear to our hearts and seek out some cool music images, predominantly of some influential, iconic bands. Actually, I was truly inspired by this photo of the Zappas, which I love, since it confounds the expectations of the person clicking on the link, while at the same time completely sums up the culture of the times and the artist.

If nothing else, it will just be a list of cool photos to take a look at.

One more thing, I'll simply be linking to the photos here, asking you to click through, since I'm not 100% sure if Google would be cool with us simply posting the photos on our site. I hope that's not too inconvenient.

On the flip side - photos!

The Beatles
Last time they were happy together? Seriously though, it does seem that this photo exudes the joy of the Beatles and what their music, at least at that moment (the Beatles made it easy for people to tell their different eras of music by altering their hairstyles as they passed through) in time.

Louis Armstrong
I think it's unfortunate that most people these days only know Louis Armstrong for his rendition of "Hello Dolly." That I am linking a photo of him accepting kudos for performing it is what you might call irony.

Jim Morrison
I wish she had his awesome beard in this shot. If nothing else, this photo should reaffirm how good a job Kilmer did portraying him.

Keith Richards
Captured on the Voodoo Lounge tour, his thoughts seem to echo my sentiments about that tour. I wish he was with the Expensive Winos still.

James Brown
Teaching Johnny Carson how to dance. I have to imagine it's a lost cause.

An early look at what she used to be. At least she looks like she's having fun.

Chuck D.
With someone else that officially makes it a weird pairing. Though that mustache is bananas.

Led Zeppelin
...from 1988, which means technically it isn't Zeppelin, but it's still a cool shot, seemingly taken from the crowd.

Elvis Presley
I'm guessing Elvis felt more like this and less like the personality he emanated from the stage. That this is taken so early in his career is a little startling.

Johnny Cash
I get it. He's walking the line. Even with the cliche based on his music, it's still a great picture.

It's just a small sample, and if you have any other cool ones, feel free to share them in the comment section!

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