Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Week 12 NFL Lines

To our new readers, here are the lines Goose & I will use to pick the games.  Feel free to include your picks in the Comment section.  I need to start stealing picks off someone better at picking games than Goose.

After a week of using some shady lines, we're back scrambling with ESPN's #s.  Thanks, WWL, even though your best writer is blatantly ripping us off.

Full details and pictorial fun after the jump.

Week 11 Records:

Cline -- 10-6 (+$240) (LOTW=L -- BDCS=W)
Goose -- 9-7 (+$40)

Overall Records:

Cline -- 76-52-1 (.594) +$1110 (LOTW=5-3 -- BDCS=4-4)
Goose -- 72-56-1 (.563) +$310


  • Thursday, Nov. 20
    • Cincinnati at Pittsburgh (-8.5)
  • Sunday, Nov. 23
    • Houston at Cleveland (-1)
    • San Francisco at Dallas (-6)
    • Tampa Bay (-7) at Detroit
    • N.Y. Jets at Tennessee (-1)
    • Buffalo (-5) at Kansas City
    • Chicago (-4.5) at St. Louis
    • New England at Miami (-1.5)
    • Minnesota at Jacksonville PICK
    • Philadelphia at Baltimore (-2.5)
    • Oakland at Denver (-8.5)
    • Carolina at Atlanta PICK
    • N.Y. Giants (-6.5) at Arizona
    • Washington (-3) at Seattle
    • Indianapolis (-4) at San Diego
  • Monday, Nov. 24
    • Green Bay at New Orleans (-1.5)

More ESPN goodness:


gdr said...

Those lines are embarrassing. Go back to using legitimate ones. Of course if you are willing to take action on the ones you post, then I'm all for them.

Goose said...

I compared the lines last week - and there were 3 games where the line was a off by more than a point - but no more than 3. I haven't checked these, but I highly doubt they are "embarrassing."

You've been issued a challenge, one that you've repeatedly ignored. I can understand why you're ignoring it, as historically I have been witness to some of your gambling windfalls.

Cline said...

I'll take PITTSBURGH and lay the points tonight.

Goose said...

Please - I just visited too. My pick will be up later, in a post harping on the egregious officiating in the Pittsburgh game on Sunday.

Drew said...

You may or may not have missed it, but i posted real lines again on Cline's picks post from last week. Here they are again for the uninitiated:

Thursday 11/20
CIN @ PITT -10.5

Sunday 11/23
PHI @ BAL -1
HOU @ CLE -3
SF @ DAL -10
MIN @ JAX -1
BUFF -3 @ KC
New ENG @ MIA -1
CHI -9 @ STL
NY Jets @ TENN -5
OAK @ DEN -9.5
NY Giants -3 @ ARIZ
WASH -3.5 @ SEA
CAR @ ATL -1
IND @ San Diego -1
GB @ New Orleans -1

There are 5 lousy lines (out at least a FG), which is a lot out of 16. Dallas off 4, Tenn off 4, Chi off 4.5, NYG off 3, IND off 5. lets see if you guys differentiate on your picks in any of those games (assuming there is no copying of picks)

Drew said...

By the way, i emailed the Sports Guy from and told him he should cite the Popcorn trick's BotNS entry since it preceded his by several months (and you even paid deference to him as inspiration). You know its an awesome post when you get 30 comments by a number of unique users.

Cline said...

Does Simmons have any Asian blood?

That would help.

Goose said...

You should be spending less time researching lines and more time watching that ghost video. Trust me.

gdr said...

What was that challenge? Eating 75 nuggets in an hour or something else pick related? Remind me and I'll take care of it.

Goose said...


I gave you the opportunity to make picks with the lines we use to see how you stacked up. You said you would be a "millionaire."