Monday, November 24, 2008

Links of Interest 11/24

These ads from the late 50s/early 60s are truly misogynistic and offensive, however is it me or is the last one also suggesting pedophilia is cool? At least we can see why Don Draper acts the way he does. (from Blog of Hilarity)

I don't know why we're fooling around with bringing a woolly mammoth back. I've seen Jurassic Park (repeatedly) and it never ends well. Life finds a way. (from NY Times)

Chinese Democracy came out yesterday. It's been around 13 years in the making. What took so long? (from NY Times)

I've organized a prank once or twice in my day. The key is to have a nemesis. The guys upstairs from me many summers ago were the perfect foil. Of course, after two pranks they begged out, because they couldn't take the heat. (from Time)

I loved Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid. I'm also pretty sure I could write 5,000 words on how they eventually led to the Internet and hyperlinking. I mean could there have been a more classic blueprint? I am a little upset the Abominable Snowman only comes in at 18 on this list of the 20 best though.


mndleftbod said...

"Escape" was my favorite CYA...i got it at the school book fair in 4th grade and believe I read every possible scenario available for it. It was like Red Dawn a year before it came out. Maybe that is why I can never turn Red Dawn off when I see it on TV.

Goose said...

I can't turn off Red Dawn because Swayze and Sheen are in it.

Of course I was also up until 2 Saturday night watching Air Force 1, so take my movie watching with a grain of salt.