Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cool Shit 4/10

Unsolved Mysteries, back in the day, was my jam. And it's a crime that more episodes aren't on Youtube. Yeah yeah, I get it - copyright infringement and all that, but without the tease of it on Youtube, it will never reach a new audience. Plus, who knows how many more mysteries might get solved?

There's more to gin than just what Snoop Dog says about it.

Play the long con with the stock market and invest in these goods in services to (hopefully) get rich down the road.

I guess the explanation of "artillery fortification" explains these rings of water found at an old WWII German base, but I still hold out some hope for "alien nazi technology." Of course that's my go to for a lot of unexplained stuff.

Looking to refine your cooking skills in the kitchen? Start off by reading these tips from famous New York chefs.

While I'm not a woman, this is obviously good advice for just about anyone if they ever come across a lesbian in the wild. Also, this was written in 1988!

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