Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cool Shit 4/15

The entire Fear and Lathing in Las Vegas: online, right here. Enjoy. And don't take too many drugs.

Want to play God? Or whatever else you may have created the universe? Enjoy this neat little game on how to plan and develop a solar system.

Ever since reading The Descent, I've had a mild fascination with the network of caves around the world. But not as much as these guys. (Also, I recommend The Descent).

Some of the more interesting television show related products you can buy. And if you don't think I'm getting that Gibbs standee thing, you're crazy.

Trailer for the movie, Gone Girl. I liked the book. I like Fincher (who directed), but this trailer didn't do much for me. Hopefully it's good though.

In case you only saw the movie and never read the book, here are some passages that may have made the Jurassic Park movie even better. Though I think some are a stretch.

Just read the book, and while I liked it, I'm not sure how well The Leftovers is going to translate to the screen (even if it is HBO). It's a lot more internal, and not a lot of action. In fact, not much really happens. It's more reflective of what happens to people and the choices they make. I guess I'll be interested how they flesh it out and what they're thinking if it's a series and not just a self-contained miniseries.

All 64 Stephen King novels ranked and reviewed!

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Helen O. said...

Gibbs is handsome but he's no Ted Bundy.