Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cool Shit 4/3

Get this book and you can feel just like a bootlegger or moonshiner but without the risk of arrest. Well, unless you sell it or something.

Probably a repeat, probably old, but funny kids' test answers always get a chuckle out of me.

Some interesting facts about Raiders of the Lost Ark. Another interesting fact - my most beloved Dungeons and Dragons character that I ever created was an homage to Indiana Jones, named Mississippi Smith. Annnnd, I've shared too much.

This is not a good endorsement for the CIA.

This site the provides how much time you've "wasted" watching a show is clever, but incomplete. Because there's no way I've wasted ~3 days watching Seinfled - It's probably ten times that with the amount of repeats.

Law & Order: SVU has become a parody of itself, falling into the inevitable cycle of trying to push the boundaries of a simple procedural in order to titilize its audience, and in the process making it more and more unbelievable. Still, it's amazing how it casts some of its guest stars, between giving actors their big breaks and establishing itself as a place for former A list actors to go and do good work.

How did the dinosaurs die off? You might be surprised at with what some people theorize is the reason.

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