Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cool Shit 4/9

It's amusing how far apart some people can perceive science and religion are, while others can make them seem so maddeningly intertwined. I have no horse in the science vs. religion debate (well I do, but I also don't think it matters since we most likely have to be dead to get evidence of a religious afterlife), but this theory that we could live on in another state after death seems to rub everyone faces into everything.

Tribeca Film Fest is coming up, and if you get a chance to go, here are 10 movies you should check out.

There's a lunar eclipse coming next week which apparently means we're all going to die. Or Christ is coming back. Or maybe both. It's hard to keep up with doomsday predictions.

Getting down to brass tacks, we finally know what the world's favorite number is.

Everything you wanted (and probably a lot of stuff you didn't) to know about the band Kiss.

News that former interns at Taco Bell came up with the idea for Doritos Tacos. Of course, every stones freshman in the 90s can also make that claim, so seriously interns? Shut up.

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