Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cool Shit 4/24

Oral history of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Only the greatest show ever.

So Guy Fieri has a new restaurant out there, in probably the best place for a Guy Fieri restaurant: Las Vegas. And it's got everything you would imagine on the menu - Guy Fieri style!

Here's a completely depressing piece about Wall Street and how you should invest your money. Short answer: don't!

Here's a quick preview of 33 movies coming out this summer that you may or may not be excited for.

If you're bored today, or have recently thought you haven't been using the Internet to its capacity, check out these 10 kinda cool calculations you can do online.

BASE jumping from the tallest building in the world:

At first, hearing about a pirate show being created by NBC sounds completely lame. But then you take a look at this preview, see John Malkovich going full James Spader, and see all the other completely insane stuff going on, and you think, maybe. Maybe this has a chance to be somewhat palatable.

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