Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cool Shit 4/30

The hunt for a drug lord. Any article that starts the story with a line like this:
One afternoon last December, an assassin on board a K.L.M. flight from Mexico City arrived at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport.
is ok with me.

It's rare to spot a celebrity do something genuine, as most of the time they're just faking it. But every so often a ray shines through the cold, black murk of fakeness. Emma Stone - you are a piece of sunshine!

The story of the Star Wars sequel that was a contingency plan, in case Lucas ran out of money. Back in 1978.

Sure, this chart is meant to show you that the deadliest creature on the planet is the mosquito, but seriously, is anyone else as freaked out as I am that a snail kills 10,000 people a year?

You can't force a movie to become a cult hit; it has to happen organically. Wolf Cop, while promising with a name like that seems like a plausible candidate, sinks itself with its self referential nature.

When you let hipsters make a list of the best cop shows from television they're going to omit shows that shouldn't be omitted, and therefore make the list irrelevant. No TJ Hooker? No Hunter? No Bridge? At least they gave me the opportunity to link to this:

As this shows, it's not a question of the Earth getting overpopulated, it's a question of the Earth getting overpopulated in certain areas. But there's plenty of space for us all. And will be for quite some time. As in, collectively, we wouldn't even fill in the Grand Canyon. Check out that fact and many others in this video:

Did you know Salvador Dali put together a cookbook? And that it's exactly as insane as you're imagining right now?

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