Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cool Shit 4/16

Sick of big old commercial jets? Why not travel in style on a private jet? It's easier than you think. Not that it's completely easy, but I'm willing to bet you're thinking it's REALLY difficult, so I'm definitely not lying.

So there was a UF conference in New Jersey recently. Not only am I mad I missed it, I'm mad I didn't meet the people propagating some of these conspiracies.

A list of 25 "difficult" films to sit through, whether it's because of subject matter, content, violence, etc.

The word "best" is so overused on the internet that it's lost it's meaning, but these 12 long shots are still very cool:

Google X: A place inside Google (duh) that works on taking the fantastic and making it a reality.

This list of 10 movies that somehow received a big budget and the green light could easily be expanded to a million and it still wouldn't give us any better understanding of how Hollywood operates.

I'm not advocating (nor condemning) the use of psychedelic drugs, but I do think, in controlled situations, they have benefits. As this list suggests.

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