Monday, April 7, 2014

Cool Shit 4/7

Ridiculous pictures of islands pre and post volcanic eruptions.

I assume we will be getting a lot of "Best of" Letterman moments in the next coming months, and I also realize all will be hugely subjective and none of them will have the ability to be all encompassing, but this one I just stumbled on is absurd. It has a strong political slant and barely reaches outside of the 2000s. I'm not really sure I understand the intent of it.

So there's a new show coming to television, Hillbilly Preppers. And it seems as though it's about a trio of guys that will help you outfit your home in case of societal collapse. Honestly vicious circle of shows like this that propagate the concept of societal collapse enough to get people scared enough to want to hire the people from this show is depressing.

New trailer for Godzilla - looks like there's going to be some significant consequences associated with this film, which will hopefully elevate it over other disaster porn movies.

Get Harry Turtledove on the phone! We've got 10 alternate endings for World War II here!

Who knew that such a simple action of shuffling cards could lead to such a mind-boggling fact?

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