Friday, April 4, 2014

Cool Shit 4/4

So wait, illegal drugs CAN help you sometimes?

If skydiving isn't thrilling enough, now you have to watch out for meteorites!

I remember forcing myself to stay up to 12:30 on school nights, just in order to watch his opening monologue and first sketch. He's probably had the biggest influence on my humor; more than any other comedian, because he did it night in and night out. His apathetic nature to the business of television was refreshing and unique. It looked like he had a television show for no other reason than because he thought it would be fun to have a television show. I think the move to CBS killed that quality, but what are you going to do? Hope retirement treats you well, Dave!

I love fast food. I know it's bad, so I try not to eat it, but like a junkie that craves his fix, it's a battle not easily won. But even I can be disgusted by some of the offerings out there. If you take a step back, we really should be ashamed as a society, both because we've created these things, and created the market for them.

What the last 100 years' of bestselling books can say about us as a society.

Of wave collapse, multi-verses and parallel universes. Take a deep dive into some quantum theory on a Friday morning.

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