Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cool Shit 4/2

Didn't watch a second of How I Met Your Mother, but apparently people were less than pleased with the finale? How does it rank with other sitcom series' finales

Having a bad day? A bad life? Look to the heavens this spring. Sometimes that kind of perspective can put things in better perspective.

I'm going to predict, based on the increased annual prevalence on the Internet, that April Fools' Day is going to become a national holiday. Because it seems more and more sites give it such weight.

Oh nothing much, just jumping into a 600 foot gorge with a rope tied around my waste...

Are we all really clamoring for a sequel to Top Gun? It's fairly obvious that it won't have the same chutzpah the first one did, especially if it's involving the debate between human pilots and drones.

Look, I'm all for being prepared, and analyzing everything we can in order to be ready in case anything happens, but the anecdotal evidence from a blogger that animals in Yellowstone Park are "leaving by the thousands" seems just a little flimsy to base the potential for the volcano underneath Yellowstone to erupt.. I do appreciate that he does have a few caveats that there could be other reasons, before basically saying there could be no other reason. But then again, maybe I'll be destroyed by the ash plume.

I don't think #3 on this list of facts about New York is anything anyone should be bragging about.

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