Thursday, June 12, 2008

Links of Interest 6/12

Damage control for Mr. Shyamalan? I have heard some not-so-great stuff about this movie coming from the director's camp. Still, the imagery looks pretty frightening. Here's the red band trailer, though I wouldn't click on it if you want to head into the movie pure.

True story... in high school (way too old for me to being doing stuff like this) I went to my old high school, which had been turned into an office building. I knew there was a bomb shelter there and I wanted to head down. So I got there, went in, and went into the bomb shelter, which was also I guess the boiler room. I don't know, it had a lot of machinery down there. This article, while having nothing to do with my story (aside from the trespassing angle), is still worth checking out.

Here's a cool little quiz about movie sequels
. I got a miserable 1/10. Though I defy you to do better. Let me know in the comments.

The author of this piece really delves deep into the food psyche of our politicians. Can food sink a candidacy? I don't know about that, and some of his points are little shoehorned in (Quayle not being able to spell potato certainly doesn't have anything to do with his eating habits) but I can see the beer and coffee conundrums potentially hurt numbers.

We here at The Popcorn Trick love The Hold Steady, so I would be remiss if I didn't point out that the group is streaming their latest album on their myspace page.

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