Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Links of Interest 7/2

I've always been fascinated by ancient religious artifacts, so this story is cool to me. The discovery of something new, the interpretation of it, the arguments...and then we learn it's pretty much fiction. That's like saying in 1000 years, someone is going to be able to tell how we lived by reading a Stephen King novel. And yet there's so much intensity over all of this.

I love Buckaroo Bonzai, so this site selling related merchandise is awesome.

I've heard rumors that this project isn't going to delve too far into the popular conspiracies of the president, which would be a minor upset if you were gambling on it.

Every few years or so, someone trots out a cool "end of days" scenario for us to worry about. So far, we've been able to laugh them all off. Will the Mayan/2012 doomsday prophecy be the one to finally cash us all in?

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