Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Walking Dead Death Pool

Though I spent a good chunk of yesterday going over the reasons The Walking Dead wasn't very good, it doesn't mean I won't continue to watch it and be entertained by it. I find the show still has a lot of potential, and with some minor changes, it could really elevate itself. And that's why I've decided to create The Walking Dead Death Pool - a place where I will arbitrarily give odds for the characters chance of dying in the next episode...

Rick Grimes (100-1)
Good or bad, he's the emotional heart of the show, and he's not going anywhere anytime soon.

Carl Grimes (75-1)
With him apparently out of immediate danger due to being shot, I'm pretty sure he'll stick around at least for a little bit. Plus, it's also hard to imagine a television show would kill of a child. And if they've gone ahead and offed Sophia, it's really hard to believe they would kill two kids off.

Lori Grimes (75-1)
While it felt like they were setting her up to bite the bullet earlier in the season (with her damning flashback admitting there were potential problems with her and Rick; her suggestion of letting her son die) but now with the pregnancy reveal, I'd have a hard time believing they'd kill her and her unborn child.

Shane Walsh (50-1)
His slow turn to villainy hasn't come fully developed yet. That needs to happen before he challenges someone in the group enough to kill him, or he sacrifices himself for redemption. It will happen, just not in the next episode.

Andrea (4-1)
Andrea really isn't making any friends with her recent behavior. With her stupid gun fetish, fascination with death, and shooting of Darryl after being told not to use a gun, there isn't much left for her to do EXCEPT have a redemption scene of sacrifice. The writers have taken her up the big hill on the rollercoaster of hate - I don't think too many viewers would mourn her loss. She's one to keep an eye on. The only reason they might not take her out is to give Dale a chance to get some action.

Dale (10-1)
Not the quickest of the bunch, but close to the smartest, Dale certainly tries to stay on top of the situation (well zombie situation excluded). As sensible as he is amongst this group, I'd have a hard time believing the writers would kill him off. But he is slow, and we've seen some zombies really be able to move so...

Glenn (25-1)
A fan favorite, Glen probably isn't going anywhere. He's been established as the group's scrounger, as well as their guinea pig. While those two positions put him in a lot of dangerous situations, we also have to remember he just got into a relationship with one of the farm people. That has to resolve itself before Glen's usefulness goes away.

Daryl (11-1)
Viewer uproar would be immense if Daryl gets it in the next episode. Possibly the most complex and well developed character on the show (though that's not saying too much) Daryl is too much of a survivor to get killed by a bunch of zombies in a barn. Besides, I don't think his struggle to survive in the last episode would have received so much attention just to kill him in the next episode. Of course, if the writers want to shake it up and truly show no character is ever safe, this is the one to take out without completely disrupting the show.

T-Dog (6-1)
Racially speaking, the only reason T-Dog might be around is to buck the trend of "the black guy always gets killed first in a horror movie." I wish they gave him slightly more to's not like it would be difficult. And the weird racial undertones they are keeping alive between him and Daryl leads me to believe we're on a collision course with Merle (alive Merle, not hallucinatory Merle) where the race stuff explodes. So while T-Dog isn't really doing much now, give it 3 episodes and I bet he comes to the forefront.

Carol (5-1)
I think we need Sophia resolution before we can truly get a read on how long Carol lives. If Sophia winds up dead, I predict a suicide. If she ends up alive, I predict at least a few more episodes for her. Of course, with how long it's taking to resolve the Sophia situation, Carol could be on the show for years.

Maggie (8-1)
I can't imagine killing her off so soon after sexing up Glenn. How cruel that would be for the one guy getting some on the show

Herschel (2-1)
Something's gotta give, and his explanation of barn zombies better be really good or he's going to have a mutiny on his hands.

Patricia (7-5)
Just lost a beloved one as we sit on the precipice of a significant confrontation? It's been nice knowing you Patricia.

Field (1-10)
You don't want to be a minor character on this show. Not since volunteering to get beamed down with Kirk to some alien planet has it been so hazardous to be a minor character on a show.

Did I miss anyone? Have any other thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I'll take Carol although I disagree with your assumption on the timing for this scenario. An interesting twist would be that Carol dies right before her daughter Sophia returns. This would leave the rest of the group the task of breaking the news to Sophia while welcoming her back to the group. Plus, Carl needs another kid around and he'll especially need another peer as soon as the tension between his parents boils over.

Flav said...

Now I finally know the names of all these dang people. Daryl was the only one I was sure of. Oh, and Carl because I always thought all Carls should be born old. ...Just doesn't seem like a little kid's name.
Anyhoo, I can't wait to find out why Hershel is keeping those zombies in a barn. Gotta have something to do with his wife, right? Didn't he say he lost a lot of people including his wife? Maybe he's gonna try to church 'em all.
Did I mention I'm sleep deprived?

And if you're Molly, aren't you going to suggest a meeting place if you know you've got a big ol' secret barn of walkers hanging around? You know instead of just writing "where?" on your note to Glenn. It's your farm, ya dummy!

BTdubs, I'm so sick of Sophia. Just find her or not already. Zombie Otis could run faster than this plot line's lumbering pace. Ooh, I remembered another name!

Goose said...

I liked that you are psyched for remembering Otis, and also seemingly created a new character in "Molly." Is she in love with Glenn too? So Glenn, Maggie and Molly are gonna three way it in the barn with zombies? Actually, that's a plot line I can get behind (not that way, you sicko!)

Flav said...

I told you I couldn't remember all of those names! I'm really looking forward to that Molly, Maggie, Glenn 3 way.

I think I remembered Otis because he was in an XFiles episode. He can make one of his eyes move independently from the other one. That's something a girl doesn't forget.