Monday, January 23, 2012

Cool Shit

It's weird. There was an uproar when Frank Darabont was fired from The Walking Dead, but there's also been some strong criticism about the show so far. I'm not sure anyone really knows what he's had his hands on up to this point. I'm pretty sure the episodes to come are Darabont-free, but I have no idea about the episodes we've seen. Regardless, we do know what he had planned for at least one episode, and it sounds like it would have been pretty cool. Check out the description here.

Craig Finn, the lead singer of the band The Hold Steady, has a new solo album coming out that I'm excited about. Don't know who The Hold Steady are? Shame on you...

(Yes, if you can't get past his nasally delivery, then yes, it's possible his solo album is going to do much for you. But I would still ask you to check out an album called Separation Sunday, and enjoy the lyrics. It is a criminally underrated album. Here's a taste - I'll best describe it as Led Zeppelin meets punk sung by a guy who screams. And that's a good thing:)

Anyway, here's a song from Mr. Finn's upcoming album.

Speaking of music, Jeff Mangum has a box set coming out. Who's Jeff Mangum, you ask? Only the creator of one of the most influential albums of the last 20 years, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. But don't take my word for can go here, here, and here to get an idea of how much people laud this album.

Now, that the guy may or may not be crazy is not a debate for you or me...I'll just say simply that he hasn't really been in the public eye for a really long time. So, when out of the blue, news that he had a box set coming out, I got excited. And so to keep my linking to youtube a pattern, here you go:

I think it's safe to say that Crispin Glover is an odd individual. This interview goes a long way to cement that belief. And please don't take that the wrong way...I think it's great. Too many of Hollywood's actors are cardboard cutouts that agents and publicists stand behind and marionette. Glover is far from that. Case in point, his entire experience with the Back to teh Future series.

Finally, here's something I had never heard of...Star Wars Uncut...basically, it's a crowd sourced project asking people to submit 15 seconds scenes recreating the original Star Wars movie (A New Hope. Combing through those submissions, they were then stitched together to recreate the movie. Ingenuity at its finest! Check it out!

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