Monday, November 12, 2012

Daily Links 11/12

I cannot wait until next year to write the date. It will be so easy! Anyway...

Nothing much going on here, just taking pictures of a 26 foot long snake.

I'm sure by now, many of you are bored with the cityscape time lapse videos, but this one offers something a little different...

City on Fire from E Kital on Vimeo.

Remember in the 80s when people would get hypnotized and "remember" they were in a Satanic cult? And then the whole thing was proven to be fake/not real? This next clip not only mildly reminds me of that, but is also roughly a billion times better than any of those stories. Of course, with the evidence offered, maybe I shouldn't be so quick to pass judgement...

Just when I think I could get tired of the internet, clips like these show up!

Sorta surprised I didn't see "my parent's crawlspace" on this list of 25 creepiest places.

The long, complicated story of sugar.

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