Friday, November 9, 2012

Exclusive World War Z Trailer

I can't recommend the novel World War Z enough. The author, Max Brooks creates an apocalyptic world, a world where the dead rise and makes it believable and scary, showing us how the world would react to such an outbreak. Made up of smaller stories, ranging from army experiences to individual bouts of survival, it is an enthralling, interesting work.

This trailer, based on the book, suggests something altogether different, and unfortunately, subpar...

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Look, I imagine recreating the novel on the big screen would be box office poison. There are no main characters, nor is there one consistent story that ties everything together. It's simply an oral history of the war against zombies. Filming something like that probably wouldn't work. While I may like it, and other fans of the book may like it, financially speaking it probably wouldn't do well enough for the budget it requires. I get that.

But, from the look of this trailer, they have completely abandoned the concept that made the novel so good, and simply turned it into an action film. And you know what? That WILL probably work. For all the problems that have hovered around production of this movie, a big budgeted zombie war film starring Brad Pitt will probably do well. (Quick aside - I will say I appreciate the choice to make the zombies be able to run. It's a nice touch that I've always wanted in my zombie movies to increase the danger and tension.) But I just wish it was called something else - because the book resonated so well, it will be hard to divorce the movie from it and I think that fact will cause major disappointment.

But hey, maybe I'm wrong. This is only 2 minutes of the movie.

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