Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Links of Interest 12/1

Talking food and celebrating the CIA. Not that CIA.

When it comes to politics, there have always been fundamentalists, and crazy people, and stories like this. It’s just now, with the Internet, not only can more people hear about it, more people with like minded values can get together. Good or bad?

Trying to survive without supermarkets in the modern age. Obviously tough, but apparently doable.

Are these you favorite movie performances from the past decade?

LFTR PLLR, the band that Star Trek 3’ed The Hold Steady is reissuing it’s previously difficult to find catalog.

Office pranks!

World’s strongest beer has recently been brewed. I just linked for the beer’s name. Also for the brewers’ response when one of their other higher alcohol beer’s was allaegedly banned in Tokyo.

Tacos exploding in slow motion. There’s really nothing else to say.

Party crashers. In honor of that stupid couple that did it to the president. Can’t we just charge them for trespassing and not give them the media attention they did this for in the first place?

The real story of cracking the Enigma code. No, it did not involve Kate Winslet.

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