Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Links of Interest 12/9

I would work at any of these places.

It all sounds so delicious.

Best of lists are starting to creep up. This one is for music.

Tracy Morgan is funny. Here are 8 examples that prove it.

This goes from being kinda “hey those people are kinda loopy,” to “um, these people are probably dangerous and I’m frightened.” And that’s just a trailer! (Of course, it all depends on your beliefs, so maybe I’m the crazy one.)

The best of the worst in advertising.

This is cool – a surfing competition that can only be held every so often because it’s based on the conditions. Oh and it happened possibly yesterday. And there’s something called Condition Black in Hawaii that stops all water activities. It’s fascinating. Also, if you get a chance, watch the surf video up above. You won’t get a true sense of how big the waves are until the helicopter shows up – and is dwarfed by the waves.

The 3 winning photos from the National Geographic Global photo contest.

A look back at the story that is Jon Gosselin.

There is a lot that has to happen to get the Olympic flame from Greece to its final destination (in this case, Vancouver).

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