Friday, December 4, 2009

Links of Interest 12/4

Sundaance 2010 is coming up – here’s a look at what’ll be there.

A slightly negative opinion on the hopeful Arrested Development movie.

Ever have the desire to sail around the world? This will probably help you out.

The largest picture of the Milky Way ever. I think I’d rather see the world’s largest Milky Way ever, but whatever.

Driving the empty highways, alone.

Sometimes movie lines can be made better when they’re edited. Ok maybe not. How about unintentionally funnier?

That Meryl Streep is a good actress.

Speaking to the head of Blackwater, a company that smartly recently changed it’s name. Perhaps unsmartly to Xe.

This is kind of crazy. Apparently Google did some research in the speed of online searches and realized a half second can make a lot of difference in user satisfaction. Via kottke)

Talking with Tom Waits.

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