Thursday, December 3, 2009

Monster Baby Unleashed On Pistachio Town (i.e. Vote For Our Video)!

Why is the adorably chubby baby destroying a scale model of Boise, Idaho?

Why do the denizens of this city more closely resemble Pistacia vera rather than Homo Sapien?

How can you, a commoner of above-average intelligence and physical beauty help some creative types delude themselves into thinking they’re geniuses because they can win a few cash prizes?

Those questions can be answered after the jump…

The Contest

Goose, myself, and several other idiots are part of The Nectar of the Gods. We work on short films to entertain ourselves, and on occasion, others.

Most of our work has been part of film challenges where you have a weekend to make a short movie. Some of those have been quite successful, with our films won numerous awards and been screened at festivals in New York City and San Jose.

But we’ve started entering online video contests and have been even more successful. Which means cash. So far, we’ve earned 6 large by shilling roast beef and spitting box wine. By the way, we’re eligible for the Grand Prize of the Boxed Wine contest, which will also involve you voting for us. Stay tuned for that.

But the contest at hand involves the good people at Wonderful Pistachios. You may have seen some of their commercials involving E-List celebs (Levi Johnston, Wee Man, Big Pussy). But this one’s probably the best:

The Grand Prize is $25,000 and an airing of our commercial on TV, hopefully during Glee. The winner is the video that gets the most votes out of the 10 Finalists. Coincidentally, out of nearly a thousand submitted videos, we are one of those 10.

So we need your help.

We can’t (i.e. won’t) promise you a cut of the money, but you will have our undying gratitude and a 2-week moratorium on watching you while you sleep. And you can’t really put a price on that.

The Voting

Unfortunately, it’s kinda convoluted. We appreciate your patience in reading these steps and following them exactly. If you have any issues, drop us a line at

To View & Vote:

  1. The latest we’ve heard is that you DO NOT need to be logged into YouTube. 
    You'll need a YouTube account. You can create one here:
  2. Go to (Ignore the video that starts playing. It's just a promo)
  3. Click the "Vote" link at the top of the page between "Home" & "Results". (Again ignore the video that starts playing. It's probably one of the other Finalists)
  4. Click the "" movie (There's 10 videos, but 9 per YouTube "page", so you may need to click on the ">" button to find our video on Page 2)
  5. Click the "Thumbs Up" button to register your vote for us. If it worked, the "Thumbs Down" button should grey out.
  6. You can vote ONCE per day per video through Wednesday, December 16th.

The Other Entry

To view the Babyzilla one, you’ll need to follow the rules above (talk about carrot-dangling).

This is the other video we created that follows a rakishly mustachioed stunt man as he risks life, limb, and anti-freeze to get to the sweet, sweet inner meat of a pistachio:

The Behind The Scenes

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