Monday, December 21, 2009

Links of Interest 12/21

A closer look at sex addiction. Is it real or can we call it something else – like "being a guy?"

Snoop Dogg on Martha Stewart
. This is becoming a tradition. Don’t ever suggest to me Martha Stewart isn’t one of the smartest people out there.

I know Brittany Murphy passed away this weekend, which is tragic, but the passing of Dan O’Bannon was more of a shock to me. Find out who he is here, and why you too should be sad.

Cool project photographing death row inmates’ last meals.

Everything is better when you enhance it. Thank god the police have this cutting edge technology or the streets would surely be Thunderdome with criminals running rampant.

Convincing a deathrow inmate not to die.

Always a favorite here, failed doomsday prophecies. Of course, all it takes is one…

“We’re the guys with the crossbows.” Anyone else immediately make a movie a must-see when they find out Willem DeFoe is in it?

Concussions in the NFL are a super controversial subject currently. (Apologies for the alliteration)

Biggest number contest? Can I just say “his number +1” and win? It always worked for black outs!

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