Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Links of Interest 12/30

The celebrity meltdowns of the year.

I assume everyone wants to know the top 20 beer pong teams in America?

There’s a lot more to ski jumps than you might think.

Music you probably haven’t heard of from 2009.

I have friends who just got an erection clicking on this link about a technology flea market like place on the streets of Japan.

Are we ready for Ghostbusters III? I mean really ready?

If you’d like to get deeper into knowing about social networks, check this out.

Columnist Dave Barry reviews 2009.

What will the music industry be like in 2010?

So, you’re the only doctor in an expedition to Antarctica. Suddenly, you start feeling feverish and have an intense pain in your stomach. What do you do? (via mental floss)

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