Thursday, December 3, 2009

Links of Interest 12/3

New Yorker picks the top movies of the decade.

Guy spends 100 days in Glacier National Park taking a photo a day in celebration of the 100 years it’s been around. I sit in my cubicle and weep. (I suggest you start at the bottom)

I’m not saying this list of Baldwin moments was lifted directly from mine that I did like a year ago. I’m saying perhaps “inspired” is a better word?

Prison inmates have nothing better to do, so why not set up frivolous lawsuits?

Not even prostitutes can hide from Google View.

Ok Go – the band that made that crazy treadmill video, is back with a new crazy video.

Chairman Mao’s underground city.

Who doesn’t like 80s video games?

Helping terrify your children. One person at a time.

Top 10 discoveries of 2009.

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