Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Links of Interest 12/16

The worst films of 2009.

The hottest “women” of Christmas movies. For some reason, the list seems a little lackluster.

While I’m no huge fan of Christmas movies, I have to assume there’s a more comprehensive list someone can put together, no?

And you thought I was lying yesterday about The Kids in the Hall being back!

It’s a question that’s plagued us for almost 30 years – how long could Luke survive stuffed inside a dead Tauntaun carcass?

I think I would live in all these. Except for the shoes. They seem lame.

Read all about the public access show the Beastie Boys debuted on – and see rare footage! So old it has Kate Schellenbach on drums, who would later leave and go onto help form Luscious Jackson. She also probably had the most talent of the 4 on the stage here.

Oh good, the super volcano underneath Yellowstone is bigger than first believed.

Part 2 of The Big Picture’s 2009 photo retrospective.

Awful holiday movies.

Alec Baldwin is not like other actors.

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gdr said...

1) Ernest Saves Christmas has no reason to be in any 'worst holiday movie' lists
2) Billie Bird from ESC certainly belongs on any hottest women of Christmas movies list