Friday, December 11, 2009

Links of Interest 12/11

Authors weigh in on their favorite books of the year.

Rolling Stone’s 100 best albums of the decade.

Though I’m sure not all of these are accurate, it’s interesting to see where bands get their names.

hmmm…this guy is a bad beatboxer, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen worse.

So…David Lynch was asked to direct Return of the Jedi?

Could you gamble away $127 million?

How do you find out something new on a subject that has been researched exhaustively?

Think fast food meat is bad? It’s got nothing on school cafeteria meat.

I guess maybe you might want to say goodbye to these companies.

With time lapse photography, the buckling of the Manhattan bridge seems scarier than it really is. I assume the bridge was designed to do exactly this. Right? Right? (via kottke)

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