Friday, May 24, 2013

Arrested Development

Well, it's pretty much here. The new season of Arrested Development. Yes, it's almost impossible to live up to the hype that has been built. It's inevitable to be a disappointment. Like Christmas Eve, it's much more exciting before we all sit down to watch it.

Still, once you look at the current landscape of television (particularly comedy), it's hard to imagine that it won't immediately be better than 90% of what's out there right now. And honestly, I don't believe that's a lofty goal (seriously - other than Parks and Recreation and Happy Endings (which yeah got cancelled, so forget it unless it comes back on another channel), what is funny on television right now?)

So enjoy the following links and I'll see you on the other side...

Interview with Mitch Hurwitz.

Learn how to do a proper, improper chicken imitation.

Arrested Development is notorious for hidden jokes. Did you catch all these the first time around?

Obviously, there is a drinking game for the new series. Get your scorecard here.

Just how psychological is Arrested Development?

A look at how food occasionally plays an important part in the series.

Wil Arnett gives us all a preview of the new Arrested Development season.

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