Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cool Shit 5/23

Arrested Development week continues! Today, enjoy some set dec photos from the new season and read about the influences David Cross used for Tobias. Plus, care to find out how the stars are getting paid for this unique series? Or maybe you're excitement is already waning for the new season, and you want some news about the possible Arrested Development movie?

An amazing look back at the 2003 World Series of Poker - as told by the participants. It's crazy to hear from the people involved and realize that their personas they had on television are exactly the same in real life. Phil Helmuth is still a bragger; Moneymaker is still humble and not quite sure he belongs and Sam Farha is...well he's more awesome than ever, even if he still refuses to give Moneymaker credit. I think I like him more now.

Well this snuck up on me. An HBO movie with Larry David! Here's a brief teaser...

I'm so past the concept of regional sandwiches. Too much going on. Bring me a list of hyper-regional sandwiches!

This list of car chases from a stunt man is woefully incomplete. No French Connection? No The Seven Ups? Oh, never saw the car chase from The Seven Ups?


Sure the movie was great, but what happened after it ended?

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