Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cool Shit 5/28

Like waterfalls? Here's a look at some of the cooler ones from around the world.

We're coming to the end of Summit season on Everest. Here are 60 facts about the mountain to get you to the end.

Sure these look like cool inventions, but maybe the inventors should have spent at least a little more time with them. You know, so they may have been around to invent something else?

Stephen King has a new book out, and he gave one a rare interview.

So, apparently John McTiernan, famous director of movies such as Diehard and Predator (let's just forget the Rollerball remake ever happened) lied to an FBI agent and is now in jail? I don't think this story has all the details.

Writing about the Federer/Nadal rivalry (in Tennis, you neanderthals) and it seems like Mr. Jenkins has a distinct Nadal bias.

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