Friday, May 10, 2013

Cool Shit 5/10

Alfonso Cuaron, the director of Children of Men (go rent it if you haven't seen it yet) has a new movie coming out, called Gravity. It stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, and looks fairly intense...

Need to fulfill your dreams of being a spy but only have a computer at your disposal? No problem, since the NSA has put together a document teaching people how to use the internet to do your spying.

It's time to take a journey back into the past, to simpler times, when people didn't wear so many logos on their clothes, irony was used the proper amount, and Michael Jordan challenged Charlie and Martin Sheen to a series of basketball related contests on national television. Hosted by Dick Van Patten.

It's rare that a project with Michael Bay's name attached intrigues me. But apparently it does happen. Check out the trailer for the television show The Last Ship, airing this summer on TNT.

The short essay "Coyote vs. Acme," by Ian Frazier, should at least make you smile today. And if you enjoyed it, you can get his book of the same name, Coyote V. Acme.

Take a look at the celebrities Anchorman 2 has lined up for cameos. If you don't care about spoilers, that is.

Here's a look at what you could be watching, and you'll be missing this fall when it comes to science fiction programming. 

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