Monday, May 20, 2013

Cool Shit 5/20

I hope no one is surprised by the differences between the advertisement photos and the real products of fast food places. If you are you should live your life with this one mantra: Advertising lies.

It seems like the Coen Brothers have another potential classic on their hands with their latest film, Inside  Llewyn Davis. Of course you might need a literary degree to get through this review of it.

The question on everyone's mind, what's it like to get eaten by a grizzly bear? finally gets answered with video!

Ever wonder how much it would cost to actually build the Starship Enterprise?

We're less than a week away from new Arrested Development. Here's an interview with its creator, Mitch Hurwitz.

Do you always chuckle at the antics that go on at the stadium when Kiss Cam comes up on the Jumbotron? Then you will probably enjoy these.

Remember that Patton Oswalt filibuster cut from Parks and Recreation, talking about the crazy Star Wars sequel? Well here it is again, only animated into an actual movie. Sorta.

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