Monday, May 6, 2013

Cool Shit 5/6

You do realize some of the greatest pieces museums have are the ones they're not showing.

I'm sure everything mentioned in this article about the difficulties of self-publishing for a published author is true. And yet, that's the current landscape of publishing, and that's what the majority of authors have to do. It's not as though it's a hardship just for this specific individual. It's not as though authors had an easy time before the self-publishing industry arose.

Not only does it seem as though there's a Kickstarter for everything, it seems a lot of are actually meeting their goals. Including these 4, which...yeah.

Some science fiction is actually based on fact. More fact than you know.

Big Star Wars fan? Then you must take a look at these items!

Another summer movie preview. What are you anticipating?

Oh no. This exists.

I guarantee there's a moment (near the end) when someone looks at Channing Tatum and says, "You've got the job."

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