Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cool Shit 5/22

Private space travel is about to begin. And that's just the beginning. Of the beginning of space travel.

So this happened yesterday. A twitter "fight" between Marc Maron and Michael Ian Black. While MIB took the first shot (it's not clear if it was a simple joke or something more pointed, since it's Twitter and all) I still think he handled himself funnier than Maron. Maron seemed to be defensive and run out of steam there. And I can't believe I've just analyzed what boils down to two people yelling at each other.

Arrested Development Week continues here at the Popcorn Trick. First, Jeffery Tambor discusses the show. Then we have Michael Cera adding his two cents. And finally, let's hear what Jessica Walters has to say about everything.

I understand the desire to want to know what we put in our bodies, but I don't understand the outrage over horse meat, or any type of meat for that matter. Aside from taste, I don't think there's a way to rank animal meats when it comes to food.

Here's the Vanity Fair World War Z article everyone is/was talking about. I still hold out hope for this since I have A. recently successfully divorced the movie from the book in my head; and B. can't resist a zombie movie. Just because it isn't the book doesn't mean it won't work.

I assume I'll be eating crow in a few weeks.

New trailer for Man of Steel. I offer this because I had no idea Lawrence Fishburne was in this movie...and now this gives me a chance to tell you to watch Hannibal if you aren't already.

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