Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cool Shit 5/21

It's "Gear Up for Arrested Development Week here at the Popcorn Trick! Today, learn more about the cult that has kept this show going, and how it's created the desire/need for new episodes.

Here's another interview with Damon Lindelof...and I'm conflicted. On one hand, I'm of the mind that the creator gets to write the story he wants and who are we to complain? But on the other, have you seen Prometheus? Seriously though, I appreciate the author's right to do what he/she wants with his/her story, but all bets are off when they speak about it beforehand in a misleading way. Lindelof touches on that a little here, but not the dangers he creates by whipping up the fan base of projects he comes on to simply because he likes to be coy about things. And don't get me started on the end of Lost.

And speaking of Lindelof and misleading viewers, here's a very spoiler heavy FAQ for the latest movie he wrote, Star Trek Into Darkness. Seriously, only read it if you've seen the movie or don't care about seeing the movie. And honestly, it's funny enough regardless if you're a trekkie or not. (I guess we should have had some inclination about the movie's quality when the title was leaked. That's worse than the B-Sharps).

You're about to get...Reggie Watts-rolled?

It's Summiting Everest season. Here's a look at just how crazy it is up there on the mountain. Pretty soon I'm going to be in the minority of people who haven't climbed it.

Before reading this, I had never heard of Ben Saunders, but he sounds like a bad ass.

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