Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cool Shit 5/16

This article brings up some decent points. Edible underwear is difficult to bring up during the sexy time. And that of course is just the beginning.

I wonder if Ricky Gervais is simply becoming too saturated in the market. I want to love him and everything he does, but recently he's been making it rather difficult. This interview is just one example of that. And I see where he's coming from - he's trying desperately hard to show that his fame and success hasn't changed him. But I don't think that's the problem. Not that it's cool if it didn't change him, but that is absolutely should have changed him. And his audience would/does understand that change. No one can go from a simple, steady, boring life to hanging out with David Bowie and not have that affect their personality. And Gervais seems to be in denial of that.

Yesterday I offered up a link to help you with the different beer terminologies out there. Today I have a link that will help you use that knowledge to find beer recommendations based on what you like. In a cool visual way.

Not great when there is a mysterious, oozing liquid coming up out of the ground. Even worse when the government tries to suggest its completely harmless when in fact you just know it's the kind of thing that will devour your insides. Oh, you think that's crazy? Well I guess you've never seen this:

(If there's one rule I live my life by, it's "Listen whenever Garrett Morris is saying something.")

Yesterday I also posted some of Bill Hader's great turns as game show hosts. Well today, here's a look at some of his better sketches.

A Tobias Funke audition reel? Sent to Ron Howard? Yes please.

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