Thursday, May 1, 2014

Cool Shit 5/1

Listen, I realize this story about the high potential for solar storm that could wipe out our electric grid has to be questioned, especially when it's found on, but I'm not going to be the one that held information from all of you when it happens. Plus, it suggests 90% of the American population could die if this were to happen!

Also, I figured I'll link this trailer to a documentary called Urban Danger, as it will but the fear of Jesus in you even more!

Trying to answer the burning questions on top of everyone's minds, like what happened to Miss Cleo from the Psychic Hotline?

Cool concept cars that have been built over the years.

Donald Sterling joins a nice little group of people that have been banned for life from things. Mostly people fucking around on SNL.

Nice to see MIT putting some effort into the things that matter, like how to win at Rock, Paper, Scissors.

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