Thursday, May 15, 2014

Cool Shit 5/15

Cool before/after gif of just how they go about creating effects with CGI.

Care for a track by track rundown review of the latest Black Keys album?

A look at 20 different beer labels and the secrets they hold.

So apparently that Gravity movie was pretty ingenious. After reading this article it's hard not to  appreciate Alfonso Cuaron and what he went through to go about creating a realistic movie in outer space.

Continuing with the pesticide/herbicide dangers from the past few days, here's a list of fruits you should and shouldn't be buying from your local supermarket, unless they have an "organic" label.

True Romance is 20 years old! Take a look back and dive into the possible psyche of how and why the film was made.

How long before we have driverless cars? If Google had it's way, it would be less time than you think. See what they're doing with them and how they want to own the roads.

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